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Prologue to Act 1

• The year is 1989 and Heidi Holland is reviewing for the upcoming midterm exam with her art history class.

• The subject she is covering is women's art.

• None of the women Heidi discusses are represented in the textbooks the students are using.

• Three women artists are introduced.

• Heidi criticizes Lily Martin Spencer's painting.

• Heidi feels the Spencer painting is like attending a high school dance where you stand around waiting to see what will happen.

Act 1, Scene 1

• Heidi and her friend Susan attend the high school dance in 1965.

• The Shoop Shoop Song is playing.

• Susan gives Heidi advice.

• Susan asks a guy to dance during Ladies Choice and leaves Heidi.

• Heidi meets Peter and they become fast friends.

Act 1, Scene 2

• It is 3 years later and Heidi is a college student.

• At another dance, Heidi meets Scoop Rosenbaum.

• Scoop grades everything and everybody.

• Scoop knows about Heidi...

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