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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hedda understand is the real point of Brack's story?

2. What are Mrs. Elvsted's plans when she leaves the Tesman household in Act 3 of HEDDA GABLER?

3. What becomes apparent as soon as Hedda and Lovborg converse alone?

4. What is the likely reason that Hedda dreams of controlling another person's destiny?

5. What does Lovborg tell Mrs. Elvsted happened to the manuscript?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the play HEDDA GABLER, the character of Julle is seen only briefly, but she is mentioned often and has several important roles to play. Write an essay about the need for her character in the play.

Part 1: What many purposes does her character have? Ibsen needs to use her to achieve several things. What are they? Who does her character help to contrast? Who does her character add depth to? Who does she help define?

Part 2: Discuss the importance in general of minor characters that don't play a major role in the plot, and what they often are there to do. Does realism need them more than other genres? What complications for the writer might they help solve?

Essay Topic 2

The play HEDDA GABLER was first published in 1890. Write an essay about the world as it was then.

Part 1: What was the society and culture like that first received the play HEDDA GABLER? What, in his society, was like ours and what was different? What aspects have changed but still show influence after all these years?

Part 2: What aspects of his culture influenced Henrik Ibsen to write the play HEDDA GABLER? What message was he trying to send with his plays? Was there a part of society that he felt was unjust and reacted to in his work?

Part 3: How well was his work and his message received? Did most of his society accept and agree with his message or was it controversial? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay that discusses the challenges of changing the setting of a play.

Part 1: What options does someone have if they choose to retell a play in a different setting? What things can be changed and the play still stay recognizable? What is important to keep in tact?

Part 2: Bring up some examples of literature or theatrical works that have been retold in a modernized or alternative way. How successful have they been? What have they changed and what have they kept? Were they more or less effective than the traditional version? Why?

Part 3: In your mind, are there benefits or detriments to this practice? Is it bringing classical stories to the masses and giving them fresh life or is it vandalizing something beautiful?

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