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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Claudette and Annie do when they meet?
(a) Make sarcastic comments to each other.
(b) Refuse to speak to the other woman.
(c) Find they instantly like each other.
(d) Size up each other.

2. What does Dave spy in the plane?
(a) A young girl.
(b) A bale of marijuana.
(c) A M-16.
(d) An AK-47.

3. What occurs in New Iberia a few days after Annie and Dave meet Claudette?
(a) A Brinks truck robbery.
(b) A storm.
(c) A triple murder.
(d) A huge bank heist.

4. What do Dave and Annie claim?
(a) That the girl is their daughter.
(b) That the girl is their niece.
(c) That they are babysitting the girl.
(d) That they found the girl.

5. For whom does Keats occasionally work?
(a) Robert.
(b) Bubba.
(c) Dautrieve.
(d) The DEA.

Short Answer Questions

1. From where is Annie?

2. What does Dave start doing?

3. Why does Claudette get angry?

4. What call does Dave get to investigate?

5. What does Dave believe?

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