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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator receive from Chid in Section 21?

2. Why does the narrator start sleeping in the outdoor courtyard with Inder Lal's family?

3. What best describes the narrator's morning routine at her room in Satipur?

4. What does Inder Lal's mother do to calm the screaming person in the courtyard the night of March 9th?

5. Whose father died from a stroke when he was only 15?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator reveal about Douglas's life in Section 30?

2. Why does Olivia want a child in Section 20?

3. What is Satipur like in Section 17?

4. Why is the narrator motivated to travel to India?

5. How does the Nawab show his contempt for Saunders in Section 24?

6. Describe Chid's appearance when the narrator finds him in the royal tomb.

7. How does the narrator feel upon discovering that she is pregnant?

8. Describe Dr. Saunders' opinion of Olivia in Section 35.

9. Explain the importance of the red strings in Section 26.

10. Describe Maji.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider each character listed below and their experience with the opposite sex in Heat and Dust. Using evidence from the novel, support the argument that the character's life has been or not been negatively impacted by that experience.

1) The Nawab.

2) The Narrator.

3) Inder Lal.

4) Olivia.

5) Ritu.

Essay Topic 2

Much of Heat and Dust is the study of contrasts between the Eastern and Western cultures. Explore that concept as you answer these questions:

1) What preconceived notions do the English in Olivia's time bring with them to India that shape their experiences in that culture? Use at least 3 specific character examples in your answer.

2) How do the Nawab and Chid adapt to cultures that are different from the ones they were raised in? What effects do their actions have on them and on those around them?

3) How do Harry and Maji represent the clash of, or integration of, different cultures in this story?

Essay Topic 3

Symbolism occurs in many forms in Heat and Dust. Select 3 symbolic items from the list below, or elsewhere in the story. Answer the questions that follow about those 3 items. Red strings, the piano, Olivia's letters, Chid's robe, the Nawab's palace, the Saunders' baby's grave, the grove, Baba Firdau's shrine, the royal tombs, Maji's hut.

1) Explain the significance this item has to the story and to specific characters.

2) Relate the symbolic item to the culture in which it exists.

3) Discuss what the story would lose without the inclusion of this symbolic item.

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