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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Ritu going on her pilgrimage?

2. When Chid visits the narrator, what does she do with her papers?

3. Where is Baba Firdau's shrine?

4. What does Maji say will happen after the pilgrimage party reaches the tree line of the mountain base?

5. Why won't the narrator have sex with Chid in Section 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Olivia write to Marcia in Section 16?

2. What kind of a person is Chid when the narrator first meets him in Section 7?

3. What does the narrator reveal about Douglas's life in Section 30?

4. Explain how Olivia reveals the details of her pregnancy to the possible fathers.

5. Is the narrator helping Chid when she lets him stay with her in Section 14?

6. Why does the narrator write to Chid's family in Section 31?

7. Describe Olivia and Douglas's relationship in Section 23.

8. How does Harry's reluctance to bring Olivia to the palace forecast events to come?

9. Describe the narrator's room in Satipur City.

10. Explain the importance of the red strings in Section 26.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The amount of freedom and choice varies greatly among the characters in Heat and Dust. Compare and contrast how each set of characters below is trapped by, wastes or uses their given freedom in the story.

1) Douglas and the Nawab.

2) Olivia and the Narrator.

3) Chid and Ritu.

Essay Topic 2

Inder Lal, the narrator, Olivia and the Nawab all carry on affairs while married or with someone who is married.

1)Is any one of these deceptions more acceptable than the others? For instance, is it more okay for the narrator to have the affair than Inder Lal because she is unmarried?

2) How does the act of deception affect the character's future in the story?

3) What other acts of deception occur in the novel, and how do they impact the characters involved?

Essay Topic 3

Consider each character listed below and their experience with the opposite sex in Heat and Dust. Using evidence from the novel, support the argument that the character's life has been or not been negatively impacted by that experience.

1) The Nawab.

2) The Narrator.

3) Inder Lal.

4) Olivia.

5) Ritu.

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