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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the narrator say she buys Indian clothing after settling into her new place in Satipur?

2. What is a sadhu?

3. What is the narrator called in Part 1 Section 4?

4. Who says she came to India to find peace, but only got dysentery?

5. Who is the recipient of Olivia's letters that are in the narrator's possession?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Inder Lal and the narrator become closer at their visit to the Nawab's palace?

2. What do Douglas and the Nawab represent in Section 16?

3. Describe the seasonal changes and its relationship to the story in Section 32.

4. Describe a typical day for the narrator, according to her March 8th journal entry.

5. Why is Husband's Wedding Day significant to the narrator in Section 15?

6. What does the narrator reveal about Douglas's life in Section 30?

7. Describe the narrator's first night, and impressions of, Bombay.

8. Describe the relationship between Inder Lal's mother and Ritu.

9. How will the pilgrimage help Ritu?

10. Based on her actions in Section 23, is the narrator a kindhearted person?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The relationships explored in Heat and Dust span generations, cultures and bloodlines. Of course, the connection between Olivia and the narrator is intriguing as they are not related by blood, and will never meet, yet Olivia's life is having a strong impact on the narrator's. Analyze the following aspects of this unique relationship.

1) Is Olivia a good person? Is the narrator?

2) Is it disloyal of the narrator to give so much attention and energy to the woman who betrayed her grandfather?

3) How would the story be different if the narrator was able to meet Olivia?

Essay Topic 2

Select two characters from the story that have different perspectives of the same event. Write two letters, one from each character addressed to the other, describing their event and what happened. For example, you might use Douglas and the Nawab's account of Olivia's pregnancy, Chid and Inder Lal's perceptions of the narrator's journey, or Dr. Saunders' and the Begum's perception of Olivia's abortion.

Essay Topic 3

The power to change one's self and transform one's circumstances is a theme in Heat and Dust.

1) Explain how the dual stories of Olivia and the narrator reflect this theme.

2) Discuss the impact of setting and nature on a personal transformation in the story.

3) What one character transformation that did NOT occur in the story could have changed the entire course of the novel? Explain your answer.

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