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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator tell Maji in the final section of the novel?
(a) She is having pain in her belly.
(b) She is leaving Satipur.
(c) Inder Lal is taking her on a trip.
(d) She wants to become a midwife.

2. Who becomes Douglas's second wife?
(a) Marcia's sister.
(b) Harry's cousin.
(c) Mrs. Saunders' cousin.
(d) Beth's sister.

3. Who offers to perform an abortion for the pregnant person on July 31st?
(a) Inder Lal's mother.
(b) Maji.
(c) Ritu.
(d) Chid.

4. Why, in Section 24, does Olivia cease to hurry home after her visits to the palace?
(a) Douglas goes to a men's club after work.
(b) Douglas believes she is visiting the library.
(c) Douglas goes to the pub after work.
(d) Douglas keeps longer hours at the office.

5. Where do Olivia and the Nawab first become lovers?
(a) In his private quarters at the palace.
(b) In the palace garden.
(c) In the grove by Baba Firdau's shrine.
(d) In Olivia and Douglas's room.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the people at the hospital ward react to the narrator after she empties the bed pan of the man in the bed next to Chid?

2. How does the narrator feel about her pregnancy when she visits Maji's hut?

3. What does Maji say about the narrator's plans in the last section of the story?

4. In whose arms does the old beggar woman die?

5. When is the first time that Olivia calls the Nawab by his name?

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