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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Chid at the end of Section 30?
(a) He is back at the narrator's room.
(b) In the hospital ward.
(c) Dead, and his body awaits cremation.
(d) He has left, but no one knows where he is.

2. What does the narrator tell Maji in the final section of the novel?
(a) She is having pain in her belly.
(b) She wants to become a midwife.
(c) Inder Lal is taking her on a trip.
(d) She is leaving Satipur.

3. Who does the narrator believe is the father of the pregnant person she learns about on July 31st?
(a) Chid.
(b) The mango seller from the bazaar.
(c) Inder Lal.
(d) A sudhu.

4. In whose arms does the old beggar woman die?
(a) Maji's.
(b) Ruti's.
(c) Inder Lal's mother's.
(d) The narrator's.

5. What does Maji say about the narrator's plans in the last section of the story?
(a) She disapproves and wants the narrator to change her mind.
(b) She approves, but says the weather is not good.
(c) She disapproves, but says we create our own misery.
(d) She approves and gives the narrator a gift to help her.

6. Why does the narrator say she is anxious for the seasons to change at the end of the story?
(a) To begin climbing.
(b) To start a new chapter in her life.
(c) To grow some food.
(d) To have her child.

7. What does the narrator do when she first wonders if the beggar woman she sees in Section 23 is dead?
(a) Decides it's not her problem and ignores her.
(b) Immediately runs to her side.
(c) Tells the laundry woman about her.
(d) Watches her for an hour.

8. What does the person who interrupts Olivia's abortion do?
(a) Takes her home.
(b) Holds her tight.
(c) Cries and begs.
(d) Looks into her eyes.

9. Who interrupts Olivia's abortion?
(a) The Nawab.
(b) Douglas.
(c) The Begum.
(d) Dr. Saunders.

10. What does Olivia mention about her piano playing in Section 26?
(a) That she hasn't played for a long time.
(b) That it seems to soothe the Nawab.
(c) That she has much improved.
(d) That she uses it as an outlet for her frustration.

11. Who warns Olivia that "they" only want to "you-know-what with a white woman"?
(a) Harry.
(b) Major Saunders.
(c) Mrs. Saunders.
(d) Douglas.

12. Describe Chid's health upon his August 15th return.
(a) He is unable to eat solid foods.
(b) He is constantly fatigued.
(c) He is constipated.
(d) He is ill.

13. What else do Olivia and the Nawab do together on the day they first make love?
(a) Tie red strings and make wishes.
(b) Pick mangoes and feed each other.
(c) Read poems to each other.
(d) Discuss naming the baby.

14. When does she tell Douglas that she is pregnant?
(a) Just before he leaves for a month long trip.
(b) On the same day she tells the Nawab.
(c) After they fight about routine household matters.
(d) As they are going to a dinner at the Nawab's.

15. What is learned about Chid's separation from Ritu on her pilgrimage when he returns to the narrator's room without her?
(a) Chid left them at a shrine when he converted.
(b) That they were attacked and separated.
(c) Nothing is revealed.
(d) Chid abandoned the women halfway there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator first notice the beggar woman in Section 23?

2. How are Olivia's visits to the palace affected after she tells the Nawab that she is pregnant?

3. Where does the narrator go on her way to the bazaar on August 31st?

4. How does Inder Lal react to Chid's reappearance in Section 28?

5. On the first day after Harry's recovery that he accompanies the Nawab to pick up Olivia, where do Olivia and the Nawab go?

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