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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Harry, the Nawab, and Olivia laugh at in Section 24?
(a) Douglas.
(b) Dr. Saunders.
(c) Major Minnies.
(d) Mrs. Saunders.

2. On the first day after Harry's recovery that he accompanies the Nawab to pick up Olivia, where do Olivia and the Nawab go?
(a) To the palace garden.
(b) To a banquet in the Nawab's honor.
(c) To a celebration for the fertility goddess.
(d) To Baba Firdau's Shrine and the grove.

3. What is noticeable about the beggar woman that the narrator notices and ends up helping?
(a) She never speaks; she holds out her hands when hungry.
(b) She sings throughout the day to earn money from passersby.
(c) She is crippled and sits on a low platform with wheels.
(d) She is blind and wears a band over her eyes.

4. What is different about Chid when he returns on August 15th?
(a) He is married.
(b) He is a Christian.
(c) He is crippled.
(d) He is a father.

5. How does the narrator feel about her pregnancy when she visits Maji's hut?
(a) She ends up in a state of rapture.
(b) She wants to share it with Inder Lal.
(c) She is uncertain about it.
(d) She is desperate to end it.

6. What do Harry and Olivia quarrel about in Section 22?
(a) Harry says Olivia shouldn't visit the palace.
(b) Olivia believes that Harry is going to tell Douglas about the time she spends with the Nawab.
(c) Harry wants Olivia to run away with him.
(d) Harry wants Olivia to tell Douglas about her time with the Nawab.

7. Where does the narrator plan to go in Section 36?
(a) To an ashram in the mountains.
(b) To Bombay.
(c) To meet with a midwife in Satipur City.
(d) To visit Chid.

8. What is Chid's status in Section 30?
(a) He is dying.
(b) He is comatose.
(c) He is admitted to the hopsital.
(d) He has been released from the hospital.

9. What does Olivia ask Harry to do in Section 32?
(a) Buy her a poultice at the bazaar.
(b) Convince the Nawab that the child is his.
(c) Get her a ticket back to England.
(d) Ask the Begum about an abortion.

10. In whose arms does the old beggar woman die?
(a) Inder Lal's mother's.
(b) Ruti's.
(c) Maji's.
(d) The narrator's.

11. Where do the narrator and Inder Lal go together in Section 25?
(a) To a Hindu celebration.
(b) To Baba Firdau's Shrine.
(c) To the Suttee Shrine.
(d) To a healer.

12. What does the narrator do on the way back to her room after learning of the pregnancy in Section 23?
(a) Convinces the person to keep the baby.
(b) Buys a small gift at the bazaar.
(c) Skips through puddles.
(d) Cries.

13. How does Olivia feel about the fact that she is not yet pregnant in Section 22?
(a) Disappointed, because she wants children.
(b) Relieved; she never really wanted to have children.
(c) Relieved, as she wants to leave Douglas.
(d) Concerned, because she is afraid there is something wrong with her.

14. Where does the narrator say that Douglas's only son grows up?
(a) In Satipur City.
(b) With Olivia in a Himalayan town.
(c) In England and America.
(d) In India and England.

15. Who does the narrator learn is pregnant on July 31st?
(a) Ritu.
(b) Herself.
(c) Maji.
(d) Inder Lal's niece.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator first notice the beggar woman in Section 23?

2. What happens when Olivia goes to have an abortion?

3. What does Olivia seem to feel about determining the father of her child in Section 29?

4. What does the narrator compare Maji to in her August 31st journal entry?

5. What does the narrator tell Inder Lal about her pregnancy upon Chid's return?

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