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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why, in Section 24, does Olivia cease to hurry home after her visits to the palace?
(a) Douglas goes to the pub after work.
(b) Douglas believes she is visiting the library.
(c) Douglas goes to a men's club after work.
(d) Douglas keeps longer hours at the office.

2. What does the person who interrupts Olivia's abortion do?
(a) Takes her home.
(b) Looks into her eyes.
(c) Holds her tight.
(d) Cries and begs.

3. What does Olivia seem to feel about determining the father of her child in Section 29?
(a) Unconcerned.
(b) She hopes it is Douglas.
(c) She hopes it is the Nawab.
(d) Worried.

4. Who warns Olivia that "they" only want to "you-know-what with a white woman"?
(a) Mrs. Saunders.
(b) Douglas.
(c) Major Saunders.
(d) Harry.

5. When is the first time that Olivia calls the Nawab by his name?
(a) When they play the piano duet.
(b) After he tells her that he is glad she is pregnant.
(c) When they add 3 red ribbons to the shrine.
(d) Just before she tells him about her pregnancy.

6. Who does the Nawab have a meeting with on the day that Olivia tells him that she is pregnant?
(a) Mr. Crawford.
(b) Major Minnies.
(c) Douglas.
(d) The Begum's adviser.

7. Who interrupts Olivia's abortion?
(a) The Nawab.
(b) Dr. Saunders.
(c) The Begum.
(d) Douglas.

8. How are Olivia's visits to the palace affected after she tells the Nawab that she is pregnant?
(a) She visits less often.
(b) She visits more often.
(c) She stops going.
(d) She spends more time with the Begum.

9. What does the narrator compare Maji to in her August 31st journal entry?
(a) A Hindu God.
(b) A bitter, but healing, medicine.
(c) A loving mother.
(d) A desert flower.

10. What is true of the weather in Section 23?
(a) There are blue skies and no signs of rain.
(b) Constant rains make the streets too muddy to walk in.
(c) The heat remains stifling.
(d) The heat has subsided and monsoon season has begun.

11. How does the narrator feel about Inder Lal, according to her August 15th journal entry?
(a) She is confused by him and their relationship.
(b) She enjoys his company when they are alone.
(c) She resents his treatment of Ritu.
(d) She is annoyed by his constant presence.

12. What else do Olivia and the Nawab do together on the day they first make love?
(a) Pick mangoes and feed each other.
(b) Discuss naming the baby.
(c) Tie red strings and make wishes.
(d) Read poems to each other.

13. What is learned about Chid's separation from Ritu on her pilgrimage when he returns to the narrator's room without her?
(a) That they were attacked and separated.
(b) Nothing is revealed.
(c) Chid abandoned the women halfway there.
(d) Chid left them at a shrine when he converted.

14. What does the narrator do when she first wonders if the beggar woman she sees in Section 23 is dead?
(a) Decides it's not her problem and ignores her.
(b) Watches her for an hour.
(c) Tells the laundry woman about her.
(d) Immediately runs to her side.

15. With whom does Olivia spend her Sundays?
(a) The Nawab.
(b) Harry.
(c) Douglas.
(d) Beth Crawford.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Olivia go after her abortion?

2. Why does the narrator contact Chid's family?

3. Who does Olivia first tell about her pregnancy?

4. Why does the narrator say she is anxious for the seasons to change at the end of the story?

5. In whose arms does the old beggar woman die?

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