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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Inder Lal tell the narrator that his mother selected Ritu as his wife?
(a) She brought a good dowry.
(b) She is uneducated.
(c) She can read and write.
(d) She has all her teeth.

2. What best describes Chid as a houseguest?
(a) Helpful and unobtrusive.
(b) Lazy and messy.
(c) Quiet as a mouse.
(d) Noisy and clumsy.

3. Why does the Nawab tell Douglas he is visiting on the day that Douglas arrives home during one of the Nawab's regular visits to Olivia?
(a) To invite Douglas and Olivia to a dinner in their honor.
(b) To congratulate Douglas for the way he handled a recent death.
(c) To offer a traditional prayer of welcome for their home.
(d) To invite Douglas to work in the palace.

4. Who visits Olivia four days after she and Douglas attend their first dinner party at the palace?
(a) Mr. Crawford.
(b) The Nawab.
(c) Mrs. Crawford.
(d) Major Minnies.

5. Who does the narrator discover when she investigates the royal tomb on March 30th?
(a) Chid.
(b) Inder Lal.
(c) Ritu.
(d) The angry English woman she met at the British bungalow.

6. What best describes the narrator's room when both Chid and Ritu are in it?
(a) It takes on a peace it did not have before.
(b) It sounds like a religious war.
(c) It is full of silent tension.
(d) It becomes a friendly haven for all three of them.

7. Why is Mrs. Saunders ill when Olivia first meets her?
(a) She lost her husband.
(b) She has malaria.
(c) She has dysentery.
(d) She lost a child.

8. Why does the narrator say she buys Indian clothing after settling into her new place in Satipur?
(a) It is cheaper and cooler.
(b) Her suitcase of clothing is stolen.
(c) She wants to fit in.
(d) It is feminine and alluring.

9. What does Harry tell the narrator and Mrs. Crawford about his mother in Section 15?
(a) He visits her in Khatm every week.
(b) He wants to visit her but the Nawab won't permit it.
(c) She has dysentery.
(d) She has special visions.

10. Why does the narrator start sleeping in the outdoor courtyard with Inder Lal's family?
(a) To be close to Inder Lal.
(b) To see the stars.
(c) To escape the heat.
(d) To escape the rodents.

11. Why does Inder Lal say that he agreed to the treatment that Ritu receives?
(a) Nothing else has worked.
(b) The person recommending it healed with this treatment.
(c) He meditated on the problem and believes this is the best course of action.
(d) It is good for her soul.

12. What happens when Ritu visits the narrator in her room after she tries unsuccessfully to throw Chid out of her room?
(a) Ritus starts chanting with Chid.
(b) Ritu curls up in a corner and starts shrieking.
(c) Chid seems to calm Ritu.
(d) Ritu and Chid fight.

13. How does Chid explain Ritu's screams?
(a) He says this is the best path for her to find enlightenment.
(b) He says this is her punishment for her sins.
(c) He says she is being treated with red hot irons on her hands and feet.
(d) He says she is being treated by special infusions of a certain drug.

14. Why won't the narrator have sex with Chid in Section 17?
(a) It's too hot and he does not bathe.
(b) Sex has become painful for her.
(c) She decides that it brings her misery.
(d) She is mad at him.

15. What does the narrator notice about the relationship between Ritu and Inder Lal's mother?
(a) Ritu is abused by her mother-in-law.
(b) Ritu dotes on her mother-in-law.
(c) Ritu is openly hostile to her mother-in-law.
(d) Ritu obeys her mother-in-law.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Olivia see in the room with the Nawab's pianos?

2. How do Ritu's screams affect Chid?

3. Why does Harry tell the narrator and Mrs. Crawford that he has only been to the Nawab's mountain chalet once?

4. What is the Begum?

5. How does Olivia feel when she is first invited to visit the Nawab's palace with Douglas in 1923?

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