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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5 Section 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the religious significance of Baba Firdau's shrine?
(a) It is believed to restore youth and energy to the aging.
(b) It is sacred for the blessing of young men just coming of age.
(c) It is believed to be a place of healing.
(d) It is sacred for women who want to become pregnant.

2. What prompts the narrator to investigate the royal tomb on March 30th?
(a) Something in Olivia's letters.
(b) Something she read at the library.
(c) A loud groaning.
(d) A symbol she sees on the outside of the tomb.

3. Why won't the narrator have sex with Chid in Section 17?
(a) She is mad at him.
(b) She decides that it brings her misery.
(c) It's too hot and he does not bathe.
(d) Sex has become painful for her.

4. Why does the narrator start sleeping in the outdoor courtyard with Inder Lal's family?
(a) To escape the heat.
(b) To escape the rodents.
(c) To see the stars.
(d) To be close to Inder Lal.

5. What is a sadhu?
(a) A tomb painting.
(b) A blessing.
(c) A holy man.
(d) An unforgivable sin.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the narrator's first journal entry, where does she spend her first night in Bombay?

2. What does the narrator say she learns about the house where Olivia and Douglas used to live in the February 16th journal entry?

3. What is the Begum?

4. What game do Olivia and Nawab play when he first takes her to the grove?

5. Who awakens the narrator by screaming in the courtyard on March 9th?

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