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Objective: Part 1 Section 1 | Part 1 Section 2 In the first two sections of Heat and Dust, the narrator is introduced as a young woman on a quest to discover the story behind her grandfather's first wife. She narrates the story through a journal that begins with her disappointing arrival in dirty and depressing Bombay. This lesson looks at the narrator's motivation in telling this story and taking her journey.

1) Written response- After reading Sections 1 and 2, write 2-3 paragraphs describing the motivations behind the narrator's interest in Olivia's life and her decision to travel to Bombay to unravel this mystery.

2) Partner activity- Discuss your written responses with a partner. Identify the top two motivations that you feel fueled the narrator to take the actions that she takes in this story.

3) Class discussion- How does the narrator's initial impression of Bombay impact her decision to learn about Olivia's life? Why is...

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