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Indian Glossary

Create a glossary of Indian terms used in Heat and Dust and add several Indian terms or phrases to create a glossary of common words.

Fit for a King

Design or create an outfit that the Nawab or his mother might have worn in Heat and Dust.


Locate an Indian Chant that Chid might have used in Heat and Dust, and perform it for the class.

Indian Recipe

Bring in an Indian recipe that the narrator or Olivia might have eaten in Heat and Dust.

Tourism Brochure

Create a brochure of Baba Firdau's shrine from Heat and Dust for tourists to the area. Be sure to include pictures, fun facts, and the history of this important Indian landmark.

Current Events

Find a newspaper article that discusses a current event you feel has strong similarities to the problems between the Muslims, Hindus, and Christians in Heat...

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