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Part 1 Section 1 | Part 1 Section 2

• The narrator introduces herself as Tessie and Douglas' granddaughter.

• The narrator tells about Olivia's letters and her own journal.

• The journal tells of the narrator's arrival in Bombay.

Part 1 Section 3 | Part 1 Section 4

• Inder Lal rents the narrator a room in Satipur City.

• Ritu and Inder Lal's mother are introduced to the narrator.

• The narrator buys Indian clothing to deal with the heat.

Part 1 Section 5 | Part 2 Section 6

• The narrator and Inder Lal visit the Nawab's palace.

• Olivia and Douglas go to the Nawab's palace for a dinner party.

• The Nawab brings his entourage to visit Olivia at her home.

• Olivia and Douglas fight over the Nawab's dinner invitation, which excludes the Crawfords.

Part 2 Section 7 | Part 3 Section 8

• In a British rest house for travelers, the narrator meets Chid and an English couple.

• Olivia's first sight of the Saunders' gravestone brings her to tears.

• Olivia revisits the...

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