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Part 1, Chapter 1

• John Singer and Spiros Antanopoulos are two men who are deaf and mute who share an apartment in a small town in the deep South.

• After ten years together Antonapoulos begins having strange behavior and is sometimes arrested.

• Antonapoulos's cousin has him committed to an insane asylum.

• Depressed because his friend is gone, Singer moves to a new apartment closer to the center of the community.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• Biff and Alice Brannon own the New York Cafe, a central meeting place for many of the main characters in the story.

• The two disagree about many things, but especially one strange patron, Jake Blount.

• Jake Blount not only owes them money, he drinks too much and is often disruptive to other patrons.

• Blount seems to be trying to share an important message with the patrons, but because he is so drunk most people can't figure out what...

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