Heartless: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Marissa Meyer
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Essay Topic 1

Meyer uses Carroll’s book as inspiration for her novel. In doing so, she draws heavily on the original work. Write an essay explaining the importance of Carroll’s novel to Heartless and how Meyer draws upon the characters, setting, and even the language of Carroll’s work to write her own novel.

Essay Topic 2

Catherine undergoes a transformation at the end of the book from Catherine, a kind, loyal young woman, to the Queen of Hearts, an angry and bitter woman bent on revenge. Write an essay explaining Catherine’s transformation, its causes, and what personality traits contributed to her change.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay explaining how Meyer uses the character of the Cheshire cat to move the plot forward. What attributes does Cheshire have that make him perfect for the role Meyer places him in?

Essay Topic 4

Write an essay discussing Jest as...

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