Heartless: A Novel Character Descriptions

Marissa Meyer
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Lady Catherine Pinkerton

This person is the main character of the story and aspires to be a baker.


This person is the King’s new Joker and is in Hearts on a mission to steal the Queen’s heart.


This person makes fabulous hats and is a good friend to Jest.


This person is an executioner from Chess and has the ability to transform into a bird.

The King of Hearts

This person is the foolish ruler of the land and wants to marry the protagonist.

Mary Ann

This person is the protagonist’s best friend and her maid.


This character is a hare who is friends with Hatta.

The Marchioness and Marquess

These characters are the protagonist’s parents.

The Sisters

These characters appear as children and control access to Chess.

Margaret Mearle

This person is a member of the gentry and spouts nonsensical...

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