Heartless: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marissa Meyer
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Chapters 1 - 8

• Catherine bakes lemon tarts for the King.

• She hopes to open a bakery with Mary Ann someday and thinks the King’s admiration of her baked goods will draw customers.

• Cheshire appears and teases Catherine about her baking, then asks her if lemons are in season.

• Catherine tells Cheshire the lemons came from a tree that grew in her bedroom while she was dreaming.

• In Catherine’s dream, there was a beautiful boy with yellow eyes in a lemon orchard.

• Mary Ann enters the kitchen and takes Catherine away to get ready for a ball.

• Mary Ann and Abigail help Catherine to get dressed for the ball.

• Mary Ann tells Catherine that she heard the King has a new jester.

• She also tells Catherine that the cobbler’s shop will soon be available and would be a good location for their bakery.

• Mary Ann reminds Catherine...

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