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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ellis buying at the nut stand?
(a) Candy.
(b) Nuts.
(c) Candied apple.
(d) Popcorn.

2. Where did Rachel first meet Mark?
(a) Christmas party.
(b) Book signing.
(c) Running club.
(d) Tennis game.

3. What is one of the therapy group's rules?
(a) Not to give anyone's last name.
(b) To refrain from bringing food to group meetings.
(c) To make up first names.
(d) To go on a field trip once a year.

4. What word does Mark use when he describes his first wife, Kimberly?
(a) Stingy.
(b) Robust.
(c) Sweet.
(d) Clever.

5. What does Rachel compare Amelia to?
(a) Butter ball.
(b) Gold digger.
(c) Flower.
(d) Poppy seed cookie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What recipe did Rachel's mother like to make for her New Year's Day party?

2. What show does Rachel watch the second morning she is in her father's apartment?

3. What does Rachel's father like to write letters about to his daughters several times a month?

4. Who takes a picture of Rachel as she is on her way to therapy group?

5. What kind of pets did Rachel's first husband have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Harry order a lot of stationery?

2. What happens to Rachel when she takes the subway to her therapy group meeting?

3. Describe Rachel Samstat's character.

4. What happens when a robber comes into therapy group?

5. What happens when Rachel's producer hires her a voice coach?

6. What caused Rachel to break up with Mark?

7. What kind of details does Jonathan relate to Rachel about Mark and Thelma's relationship?

8. Why did Rachel move from New York to Washington?

9. Why does Detective Nolan question Rachel about being in therapy?

10. Does Rachel know the woman her husband is having an affair with?

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