Heartburn Character Descriptions

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Rachel Samstat - This character writes about food and gives cooking demonstrations.

Mark Feldman - This character is a columnist who has an affair with a married character.

Thelma Rice - This character writes a love inscription to another character on the inside of a book of children's songs.

Jonathan Rice - This character eavesdrops on two other characters by wiretapping their conversations.

Betty Searle - This character asks another character to bring a Key Lime pie to dinner.

Sam - This character is two years old.

Richard - This character produces another character's television show.

Eleanor - This character found another character wandering the streets of New York in a towel.

Charlie - This character placed a dead hamster in his refrigerator freezer.

Laszlo Pump - This character is hired to do the extensive renovations on a couple's two properties.

Bebe Samstat - This character was...

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