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Chapter One

• The narrator, Rachel Samstat, is a cook and food writer and a married mother of one child, with another on the way.

• Rachel discovers her husband, Mark Feldman, is having an affair with Thelma Rice, and is very upset.

• Thelma and her husband Jonathan are personal friends of Rachel and Mark.

• The couple has even been over for dinner recently, and Rachel has given Thelma her carrot cake recipe.
• Rachel and her friend Betty Searle have spent the entire seven months of Rachel's pregnancy trying to figure out who Thelma has been having an affair with.

• Rachel has even asked Mark his opinion on the subject.

• Mark says she is not having an affair.

• Rachel discovers her husband's affair because she snoops through his things, already convinced that Mark is cheating on her.

• In Mark's sock drawer, Rachel finds a book of children's songs with an...

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