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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the doorman call on to get rid of Sharikov's companions?

2. What does the woman who comes back to the apartment with Sharikov in Chapter 9 do for a living?

3. In Chapter 7, who is NOT sitting at the dinner table?

4. What do the two doctors do after the commotion caused by Sharikov has died down in Chapter 8?

5. Who does Sharikov say he has read a book by?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Sharikov bring home with him from work one day in Chapter 9?

2. What does Philippovich ask Shvonder when he comes to the apartment in Chapter 6?

3. What does Sharikov tell the doctors he has read in Chapter 7?

4. In Chapter 7, what does Sharikov want to do in the evening?

5. What does Philippovich tell the police about Sarik's surgery?

6. What does Bormenthal offer to do to deal with Sharikov?

7. What sends Philippovich through the roof at the dinner table in Chapter 6?

8. What do the police officers want to know about the dog?

9. What does Sharikov do to himself following his argument with Philip in Chapter 8?

10. What document does Sharik ask Philippovich to get for him in Chapter 6?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine and analyze the character Sharikov. What are his defining character traits? How is he connected to Klim and Sharik? What is his relationship like with Philippovich?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the conclusion of the novel Heart of a Dog. How does the novel end? Were you surprised by the ending? What tone is the conclusion written in?

Essay Topic 3

Interpret Heart of a Dog as a satire. What is a satire? What makes Heart of a Dog a satire? What does the novel satirize?

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