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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Sharikov defend in Chapter 7?
(a) Zina.
(b) Bormenthal.
(c) Darya
(d) Shyonder.

2. Who does Sharik say got his clothes for him?
(a) Bormenthal.
(b) Darya.
(c) Zina.
(d) Shyonder.

3. What do neighbors report about the night Sharikov died?
(a) They didn't notice anything unual.
(b) The examination room lights were on all night.
(c) They heard a dog barking all night.
(d) There were loud noises all night.

4. What does Philippovich ask Shyonder in Chapter 6?
(a) Whether A** has contacted him yet.
(b) Whether there is anymore room available to buy in the building.
(c) Whether the galoshes stand will be returning.
(d) Whether there is any work that Sharikov could do.

5. Who does Sharikov say he has read a book by?
(a) A German.
(b) An Englishman.
(c) A Russian.
(d) An American.

Short Answer Questions

1. Philippovich tells Bormenthal to take Sharikov where he wants to go on what condition?

2. How does Zina feel after Sharikov disappears in Chapter 9?

3. How long after attending the circus does an argument break out in the household?

4. How does Sharik feel at the end of the story?

5. In Chapter 7, who is NOT sitting at the dinner table?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sharik say he suspects about his ancestry in the Epilogue?

2. In the Epilogue, what does Sharik say makes him feel better?

3. What does one of Philippovich's patients bring to show Philippovich in Chapter 9?

4. What do the men argue about at the beginning of Chapter 8?

5. What happens when Sharikov chases a cat into the bathroom in Chapter 6?

6. What document does Sharik ask Philippovich to get for him in Chapter 6?

7. On what condition does Philippovich allow Sharikov to go to the circus?

8. What sends Philippovich through the roof at the dinner table in Chapter 6?

9. What does Philippovich do after Sharikov and Bormenthal leave the apartment in Chapter 7?

10. How is Sharik dressed at the dinner table in Chapter 6?

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