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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the dog?
(a) Ilari.
(b) Alik.
(c) Foma.
(d) Sharik.

2. What is Sharik's name for Philippovich?
(a) The master.
(b) The deity.
(c) The godhead.
(d) The saint.

3. What does the dog learn to do on his own?
(a) Operate a telephone.
(b) Read.
(c) Open doors.
(d) Navigate streets.

4. Which of the following does the dog NOT decide about the gentleman in Chapter 1?
(a) He eats well.
(b) He has a calm disposition.
(c) He doesn't steal.
(d) He wouldn't kick a dog.

5. How did the man whose organs were used for Sharik's surgery die?
(a) He was poisoned.
(b) He was stabbed.
(c) He was shot.
(d) He was in a car accident.

6. What does the dog judge people by?
(a) Their hair color.
(b) Their clothes.
(c) Their eyes.
(d) Their smell.

7. What does Sharik call Bormenthal before falling asleep?
(a) A trickster.
(b) A murderer.
(c) An enemy.
(d) A fraud.

8. What happens on January 6th?
(a) Sharik's tail drops off.
(b) Sharik started walking upright.
(c) Sharik says "hello."
(d) Sharik's teeth shrank in size.

9. What kind of weather is occurring in Chapter 1?
(a) A heat wave.
(b) A hail storm.
(c) A thunderstorm.
(d) A blizzard.

10. What did the man whose organs were used for Sharik's surgery do for a living?
(a) He played an accordion.
(b) He played a trumpet.
(c) He played the piano.
(d) He played a balalaika.

11. What word does Sharik use to describe Philippovich in the examination room?
(a) God.
(b) Savior.
(c) Priest.
(d) Father.

12. What does Philippovich complain is malfunctioning on a regular basis?
(a) His surgery's lights.
(b) His refrigerator.
(c) The electricity.
(d) The local trafic lights.

13. How does Philippovich act as he talks on the phone in Chapter 4?
(a) Embarrassed.
(b) Offended.
(c) Excited.
(d) Disappointed.

14. What caused the dog to begin his education? .
(a) Being chased by a dog catcher.
(b) Receiving a shock from a wire
(c) Eating rat poison.
(d) Almost being hit by a truck.

15. What does the patient who needs an ovarian transplant beg of Philippovich?
(a) To reschedule the operation date.
(b) To perform the operation in his private offices.
(c) To find an alternative treatment to surgery.
(d) To let her pay for the surgery in instalments.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philip admit on January 8th?

2. Who takes Sharik for a walk in Chapter 3?

3. How many times had the man whose organs were used for Sharik's surgery been arrested?

4. What does Sharik rip to shreds in Chapter 3?

5. Where does the dog forage for food?

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