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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was the man whose organs were used for Sharik's surgery?
(a) Fifty-two years old.
(b) Thirty-seven years old.
(c) Forty-three years old.
(d) Twenty-five years old.

2. What does Philippovich advise the group of four who visit his office to wear?
(a) Overcoats.
(b) Neckties.
(c) Galoshes.
(d) Shined shoes.

3. What does Bormental have to do to stop Sharik from dying on the operating table?
(a) Give Sharik mouth to mouth resuscitation.
(b) Give Sharik a shot of adrenalin.
(c) Give Sharik insulin.
(d) Remove Sharik's leg.

4. What sends Philippovich through the roof at dinner?
(a) Sharik calls him "my lord."
(b) Sharik calls him "master."
(c) Sharik calls him "dad."
(d) Sharik calls him "creator."

5. What did the man whose organs were used for Sharik's surgery do for a living?
(a) He played a trumpet.
(b) He played a balalaika.
(c) He played the piano.
(d) He played an accordion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helped Sharik come up with his name?

2. What is Sharikov wearing when he is dragged out into the hall in Chapter 8?

3. What is posted all over the apartment in Chapter 6?

4. What frightens the dog in the examination room?

5. Where is the quotation, "No man can serve two masters" from?

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