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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Philippovich say is the only way to get living creatures to respond?
(a) By tricking them into trusting you.
(b) By forcing them to do what you want them to.
(c) By treating them with kindness.
(d) By offering them something they want.

2. What does the patient who needs an ovarian transplant beg of Philippovich?
(a) To let her pay for the surgery in instalments.
(b) To reschedule the operation date.
(c) To find an alternative treatment to surgery.
(d) To perform the operation in his private offices.

3. What group are the four young men who visit Philippovich's office from?
(a) The Moscow housing authority.
(b) The property organization authority.
(c) The house management committee.
(d) The state employment committee.

4. What caused the dog to begin his education? .
(a) Receiving a shock from a wire
(b) Being chased by a dog catcher.
(c) Almost being hit by a truck.
(d) Eating rat poison.

5. Who does Philippovich call to complain about being asked to give up two of his rooms?
(a) Pyotr Alexandrovich.
(b) Dmitrii Alexandrovich.
(c) Alexey Alexandrovich.
(d) Boris Alexandrovich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philippovich say he will use to perform an ovarian transplant?

2. What does the dog think the gentleman in Chapter 1 smells like?

3. What is the gentleman told when he reaches his building?

4. What does the dog know the well-dressed gentleman is carrying?

5. What is the dog in Chapter 1 said to be lacking? .

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