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Chapter 1

• A dog without a collar or tags begs for food and forages for scraps in alleyways.

• A cook throws boiling water on the dog, singeing off his body hair. The dog is cold, in pain, and hungry.

• The dog observes a ninth-grade typist whose lover takes advantage of her.

• The dog judges people by their eyes.

• The dog encounters a well dressed man. He can smell the sausage in the man's pocket. From his eyes he can tell he is a man who would not hurt a dog.

• The man, Philip Philippovich, gives the dog a piece of the sausage. Upon finding no tags on the dog he takes the dog home with him.

• Philippovich arrives at his building where his doorman tells him that more tenants are moving into the building. The apartments will be partitioned into smaller units to accommodate them.

Chapter 2

• The dog, named...

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