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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the reaction in Hawaii to passage of the McCarren-Walter Immigration Act?
(a) The act was generally warmly received.
(b) Neither of the given answers.
(c) Classes formed to help people prepare for citizenship.
(d) Both of the given answers.

2. What starts happening to Japanese people in Hawaii on December 10, 1941?
(a) They are rounded up and placed in barbed-wire enclosures.
(b) They are arrested on sight.
(c) They are honored with a parade in Honolulu.
(d) They are shipped back to Japan.

3. What is the death rate at the Molokai leper colony when Mun Ki arrives?
(a) 4 or 5 people per day.
(b) 4 or 5 people per hour.
(c) 4 or 5 people per week.
(d) 4 or 5 people per month.

4. In 1902, in the Japanese village of Hiroshima-ken, villagers use an ancient courtship custom. According to this custom, what should a young suitor do regarding the young woman he wishes to court?
(a) Send white flowers to her, every day for a month.
(b) Stand before her 12 times in one week without speaking.
(c) Pay her parents for the privilege of courting her.
(d) Kidnap the girl he desires.

5. What action does the Kee family undertake because of what Char Nyuk Tsin learns from the newspaper about company values?
(a) They begin buying up prosperous properties from the Fort.
(b) They begin buying up losing properties from the Fort.
(c) They stop buying and selling properties.
(d) They start selling all of their properties, good and bad, to the Fort.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Kamejiro and his wife have trouble saving $400?

2. Goro Sakagawa hopes that his wife will be happy in Hawaii. In 1954, what does she do?

3. What kind of education do Kamejiro's children receive when they are young?

4. In 1952, the United States passed the McCarren-Walter Immigration Act. What did this Act do?

5. What cultural event does Shigeo attend in 1946 in Tokyo?

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