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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Kamejiro and his wife have trouble saving $400?
(a) Because they send all of their money back to Japan.
(b) Because they are always helping others.
(c) Because neither of them has a job.
(d) Because they buy too many luxuries.

2. Why is Char Nyuk Tsin, daughter of a Hakka chief, unmarried at the age of seventeen?
(a) She does not have a favorable horoscope.
(b) She is shy.
(c) She is unattractive.
(d) She has no dowry.

3. How long does the journey of Char Ti Chong and his people take?
(a) Many days.
(b) Many weeks.
(c) Many months.
(d) Many years.

4. What does Mun Ki do when he arrives in Hawaii?
(a) Takes a job as John Whipple's cook.
(b) Learns to speak English.
(c) Claims Char Nyuk Tsin as his wife.
(d) All of the given answers.

5. Why are so many members of the Kee family able to get jobs as bookkeepers?
(a) They blackmail the people who are doing the hiring.
(b) They are smart and well-educated.
(c) They are lucky.
(d) They bribe the people who are doing the hiring.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1902, in the Japanese village of Hiroshima-ken, villagers use an ancient courtship custom. According to this custom, what should a young suitor do regarding the young woman he wishes to court?

2. When a revolution takes place in Hawaii, what does Queen Liliuokalani do about it?

3. What is the relationship between Kee Chun Fat (who made his fortune in the California gold fields) and Mun Ki (who works as a cook in a brothel in Macao)?

4. When Mun Ki is diagnosed with leprosy and sent to the leper colony on Molokai, accompanied by his pregnant wife, Char Nyuk Tsin, what do the two of them find there?

5. What does Kelly learn about Elinor as he gets to know her better?

Short Essay Questions

1. What incident on August 19, 1916, causes hard feelings between Kamejiro and the German supervisor or "luna" under whom he works on the sugar plantation?

2. Author James Michener states that the Hakka villagers are "Chinese to the core and steeped in Chinese lore," and yet they refuse to follow the Chinese tradition of foot binding. Why?

3. Chapter 6 is entitled "The Golden Men," which is a term intended to describe a certain kind of individual who was beginning to appear in Hawaiian society. Describe some of the traits that would qualify someone as a "Golden Man."

4. In November of 1899, when plague breaks out in Honolulu, what drastic step does the city take to prevent the spread of the disease, and what happens as a result?

5. What historic event on December 7, 1941 endangers Kamejiro and his family?

6. In 1946, Hoxworth Hale keeps California Fruit and Mr. McLafferty from opening a chain of supermarkets in Hawaii. In turn, what ethnic groups does Mr. McLafferty tell Hong Kong Kee that the success of California Fruit would benefit?

7. In 1952, as soon as 106-year-old Nyuk Tsin hears that it is legal for an Asian to become a U.S. citizen, she tries to learn to read and write so that she can pass the test. When she can't meet that requirement, what compromise is reached?

8. In 1952, who does Malama Kanaoka learns has been appointed as trustee for the Malama Kanaoka Trust, and why is the appointment sociologically interesting?

9. In the 1860s, John Whipple has many opportunities to observe the new Chinese workers as they settle into their lives in Hawaii. What impression do they make on him?

10. Compare how the Hakka and Punti workers deal with each other before their voyage to Hawaii and how they act after the voyage. Why is there a change?

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