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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What god was the island chief's father sacrificed to appease?
(a) Oro.
(b) Pere.
(c) Havaiki.
(d) Tane.

2. Who helps Jerusha when her first child, a son, is born?
(a) Malama.
(b) John Whipple.
(c) Abner.
(d) A Hawaiian midwife.

3. When a slave woman weeps because her husband is going to be sacrificed, what happens?
(a) Her husband is spared.
(b) She is rewarded.
(c) She is laughed at.
(d) She is killed.

4. In 1825, how much do the missionaries earn per year?
(a) Two thousand dollars per year.
(b) Twenty dollars per year.
(c) They receive no salary at all.
(d) Two hundred dollars per year.

5. What convinces Abner to become a missionary and go to Hawaii?
(a) It has been Abner's life-long ambition.
(b) The terms of Abner's father's will.
(c) A message in a fortune cookie.
(d) Keoki Kanakoa's lecture at Yale University.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would the island paradise lack, when it was finally discovered by people?

2. What god do the island king and his people worship, to the high priest's displeasure?

3. At the time of their journey, seven centuries before Columbus, what people had sailed the farthest?

4. What is the name of the island king?

5. What is a submerged island called when it reaches the ocean's surface?

Short Essay Questions

1. Nine years later, Abner is delighted to learn that his oldest son, Micah, is returning to Hawaii as a minister. But when he meets the ship, he learns that Micah has married the daughter of Neolani (and granddaughter of the old Alii-Nui, Malama). How does Abner react to this news?

2. How does Abner Hale react when he is told that Hawaiians, including their Alii Nui (queen), Malama, practice polygamy, and that the rocks in the garden are family gods?

3. What is Abner's reaction when the crew of a docked whaling ship go on a rampage through the settlement, sacking the homes of Hawaiians and raping their women?

4. In Chapter 3, why does the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) insist that Abner Hale get married before he is allowed to sail to Hawaii as a missionary?

5. What do the king and his brother, Teroro, argue bitterly about, when the time comes to build the first temple on their new island, and what compromise do they reach?

6. By the time the island emerged again and developed into a lush paradise of unique foliage, ready for discovery, what was the one thing lacking that human explorers would need?

7. Malama wants to study how to read and write in English. Abner Hale wants her to learn about God first. How is this impasse resolved?

8. How could new plants and life forms reach an island as isolated as the one described in Chapter 1?

9. How does the voyage go, and what good and/or bad omens do the travelers encounter?

10. What does King Tamatoa plan to do about his conflict with the powerful and dangerous high priest?

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