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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the death rate at the Molokai leper colony when Mun Ki arrives?
(a) 4 or 5 people per hour.
(b) 4 or 5 people per week.
(c) 4 or 5 people per month.
(d) 4 or 5 people per day.

2. Who is the old man who walks into a Chinese temple on the island of Maui, screams at the people there, and hits objects with his cane?
(a) Keoki Kanakoa.
(b) John Whipple.
(c) Captain Hoxworth.
(d) Abner Hale.

3. What happens to Shigeo's three brothers who also served in World War II?
(a) All three are killed.
(b) Two are filled; only one survives.
(c) All three survive.
(d) One is killed; the other two survive.

4. What is Kee Chun Fat's advice to the men who are moving to Hawaii?
(a) Do not get married at all.
(b) Only have a wife in Hawaii.
(c) Have one wife in China and another wife in Hawaii.
(d) Only have a wife who stays in China.

5. What does Mun Ki's boss ask him to deliver to Hawaii?
(a) An important business proposal.
(b) A bag of gold coins.
(c) A letter to his brother.
(d) The Hakka girl named Char Nyuk Tsin.

6. What does Goro's new wife think about the Sakagawa household?
(a) That it is an exciting new life.
(b) Both given answers are true.
(c) Neither given answer is true.
(d) That it is like living in Japan 100 years ago.

7. 20-year-old Sakagawa Kamejiro courts Yoko. Before he leaves for Hawaii, what does he tell his family he will do when he is ready to marry her?
(a) Send a letter to his mother.
(b) Send twenty gold coins to his parents.
(c) Send a letter to Yoko.
(d) Send a special kimono to Yoko.

8. Why do Kamejiro and his wife have trouble saving $400?
(a) Because they send all of their money back to Japan.
(b) Because they are always helping others.
(c) Because neither of them has a job.
(d) Because they buy too many luxuries.

9. When Shigeo's leave ends, he travels to Japan to resume his duties. What American general does he serve?
(a) General Eisenhower.
(b) General MacArthur.
(c) General Bradley.
(d) General Patton.

10. In 1946, the term "the Golden Men" is coined to describe a certain kind of person developing in Hawaii. Which of the following is NOT necessarily an attribute of a "Golden Man"?
(a) A blend of modern and ancient sensibilities.
(b) A blend of Caucasian and Asian genes.
(c) A blend of Western and Eastern culture and values.
(d) A blend of business and philosophy.

11. What does Whip Hoxworth believe is the future of Hawaii?
(a) Sugar and pineapples.
(b) Pigs and chickens.
(c) Orchids and ginger flowers.
(d) Pearls and coral.

12. When Kamejiro goes to work on one of Whip Hoxworth's plantations, what does he ask for permission to build?
(a) A heated bath.
(b) Neither given answer.
(c) Both given answers.
(d) A bigger dining hall.

13. What starts happening to Japanese people in Hawaii on December 10, 1941?
(a) They are shipped back to Japan.
(b) They are honored with a parade in Honolulu.
(c) They are arrested on sight.
(d) They are rounded up and placed in barbed-wire enclosures.

14. What best describes the stores owned and operated by Char Nyuk Tsin and her family, the Kees?
(a) The stores are clean but the prices are high.
(b) The stores are dirty but the prices are low.
(c) The stores are clean and the prices are fair.
(d) The stores are dirty and the prices are high.

15. What happens when the Japanese Federations of Labor workers' strike is broken?
(a) All of the given answers.
(b) Ishii receives a ten-year prison sentence.
(c) The sugar planters going on making millions in profits.
(d) Kamejiro is blacklisted by the planters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mark Whipple (West Point graduate and grandson of Dr. John Whipple) is resented by members of the Chinese community. Why?

2. Who does John Whipple believe will eventually control Hawaii?

3. Why doesn't Kamejiro pay for college for his youngest child, his daughter Reiko?

4. What other crop does Whip Hoxworth introduce to Hawaii?

5. What does Kelly learn about Elinor as he gets to know her better?

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