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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mun Ki is diagnosed with leprosy and sent to the leper colony on Molokai, accompanied by his pregnant wife, Char Nyuk Tsin, what do the two of them find there?
(a) An elaborate church but no clinic.
(b) Nothing but grass huts.
(c) A simple village with a clinic.
(d) A state-of-the-art hospital.

2. What other crop does Whip Hoxworth introduce to Hawaii?
(a) All of the given answers.
(b) Brazilian coffee beans.
(c) Ginger flowers.
(d) Malaysian orange trees.

3. What action does the Kee family undertake because of what Char Nyuk Tsin learns from the newspaper about company values?
(a) They begin buying up losing properties from the Fort.
(b) They stop buying and selling properties.
(c) They begin buying up prosperous properties from the Fort.
(d) They start selling all of their properties, good and bad, to the Fort.

4. In 1942, when Hoxworth Hale tours the South Pacific in search of good sites for airstrips, where do his travels take him?
(a) Pago Pago.
(b) All of the given answers.
(c) Tahiti.
(d) Bora Bora.

5. A committee urges Japanese families in Hawaii to have their children's names removed from the registers in their Japanese villages, thereby canceling their Japanese citizenship. What is Kamejiro's response?
(a) He is away and doesn't hear the committee's advice.
(b) He agrees to do so immediately.
(c) He refuses, in spite of his family's pleas.
(d) He is undecided.

6. In 1946, the term "the Golden Men" is coined to describe a certain kind of person developing in Hawaii. Which of the following is NOT necessarily an attribute of a "Golden Man"?
(a) A blend of Western and Eastern culture and values.
(b) A blend of Caucasian and Asian genes.
(c) A blend of business and philosophy.
(d) A blend of modern and ancient sensibilities.

7. What does Whip Hoxworth believe is the future of Hawaii?
(a) Pearls and coral.
(b) Orchids and ginger flowers.
(c) Sugar and pineapples.
(d) Pigs and chickens.

8. What does Kamejiro Sakagawa do in 1952?
(a) He votes for his son, Shigeo, who is running for senator.
(b) He refuses to apply for U.S. citizenship.
(c) He refuses to return to Japan.
(d) He applies for U.S. citizenship.

9. What does Goro's new wife think about the Sakagawa household?
(a) Neither given answer is true.
(b) That it is an exciting new life.
(c) Both given answers are true.
(d) That it is like living in Japan 100 years ago.

10. Kamejiro's daughter, Reiko, is courted by a soldier, Lieutenant Jackson. What is Lieutenant Jackson's military assignment?
(a) To look for Japanese spies.
(b) To prevent Japanese girls from marrying service men.
(c) To recruit Japanese soldiers.
(d) He is on leave and has no assignment.

11. What advice does 94-year-old Char Nyuk Tsin give to her grandson, Hong Kong Kee, after the events of December 7, 1941?
(a) To sell all the land they can.
(b) To buy all the land they can.
(c) None of the given answers.
(d) To do no more buying and selling until events calm down.

12. What cultural event does Shigeo attend in 1946 in Tokyo?
(a) A tea ceremony.
(b) A sumo wrestling match.
(c) A calligraphy class.
(d) A fireworks display.

13. Which of the following is NOT true about Kelly Kanakoa?
(a) His real first name is Kelolo.
(b) He is a surfer.
(c) His real mother is Char Nyuk Tsin.
(d) He works as a beach boy.

14. What was the reaction in Hawaii to passage of the McCarren-Walter Immigration Act?
(a) Both of the given answers.
(b) Neither of the given answers.
(c) The act was generally warmly received.
(d) Classes formed to help people prepare for citizenship.

15. Which is these men is NOT an example of a Golden Man?
(a) Kamejiro Sakagawa.
(b) Hoxworth Hale.
(c) Kelly Kanakoa.
(d) Hong Kong Kee.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Micah Hale think that America will try to take over Hawaii?

2. What does Char Nyuk Tsin do with the first acre of land that is given to her in Hawaii?

3. When a revolution takes place in Hawaii, what does Queen Liliuokalani do about it?

4. Shigeo plans to attend Harvard Law School. Why?

5. What kind of man is Big Saul at the Molokai leper colony?

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