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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Keoki tell Abner about the rocks in Malama's garden?
(a) They are souvenirs of Malama's travels.
(b) They are family gods.
(c) All of the given answers.
(d) They are grave markers.

2. What is the name of the science that studies how the earth is formed?
(a) Biography.
(b) Geology.
(c) Astronomy.
(d) Astrology.

3. Learning that the high priest plans to betray the island king, the king and his followers plan to escape by sailing in what direction?
(a) North.
(b) East.
(c) South.
(d) West.

4. What important position does the king's uncle, Tupuna, pass down to Teroro?
(a) Human sacrifice.
(b) Priest.
(c) King.
(d) Slave.

5. When Malama dies, what keepsake does Kelolo claim?
(a) Her bracelet.
(b) Her portrait.
(c) Her skull.
(d) Her pet parrot.

6. When Abner's oldest son married Noelani's daughter, how does Abner react?
(a) He confesses that he wanted to marry her, himself.
(b) He burns down their new house.
(c) He welcomes her into the family.
(d) He is rude to her and calls her a heathen.

7. What can underwater eruptions cause?
(a) Tidal waves.
(b) Rainbows.
(c) Snow.
(d) Crop growth.

8. What is lava?
(a) A kind of sea bird.
(b) Liquid molten rock.
(c) A kind of sea weed.
(d) Floating wood.

9. What world leader's death is mentioned as occurring around the time period described in Chapter 2?
(a) Napoleon Bonaparte.
(b) Queen Elizabeth.
(c) George Washington.
(d) Charlemagne.

10. What is an accurate description of the earliest beaches?
(a) Rock covered by sand dunes.
(b) Bare rock with no sand.
(c) Rock covered by small bushes.
(d) Sand covered by tall trees.

11. Why does Abner preach the first Sunday service on the voyage to Hawaii?
(a) He is the only missionary who isn't seasick.
(b) He is the oldest missionary.
(c) He was tricked into preaching.
(d) He bribed the captain to let him preach first.

12. What is the name of Teroro's wife?
(a) Marama.
(b) Timomo.
(c) Bast.
(d) Keto.

13. What beneficial things may have reached the island by being caught up in the wind?
(a) Insects.
(b) Monkeys.
(c) Maps.
(d) Bamboo.

14. What two kinds of animals does the island king plan to take along on the escape voyage to use for meat?
(a) Chickens and dogs.
(b) Pigeons and chickens.
(c) Goats and sheep.
(d) Lambs and pigs.

15. When the second chain of islands formed in the southeast, how long was it?
(a) Two hundred miles long.
(b) Two million miles long.
(c) Two thousand miles long.
(d) Two miles long.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the island submerged, what formed over it?

2. Abner condemns the Hawaiian practice of polygamy. What is polygamy?

3. What else does the island king plan to take along on the escape voyage?

4. On what island is a new temple being built for which the high priest requires the presence of the island king and his entourage?

5. What time span is covered in Chapter 1?

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