Objects & Places from Hawaii

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Pacific Ocean

This is where the volcanic activity in Chapter 1 takes place.

Bora Bora

This location is formed by the volcanic activity discussed in the first chapter.


This location, to which the group sailed in Chapter 1, later becomes one of the Hawaiian islands.

Yale University

This school in New Haven, Connecticut, is where Abner Hale earns his degree.

Marlborough, Massachusetts

This is the location of the farm on which Abner Hale grows up.

Walpole, New Hampshire

This location is the home of Jerusha Bromley.

Tierra del Fuego

This place is located on the southern tip of South American.

Falkland Islands

This place, located off the coast of Patagonia in Argentina, is where ships docked on their way to Hawaii.

Honan Province

This area of China, overrun by Tartars in 817, is where the Char, Ching, and other villagers lived.

Kwangtung Province

This is the area where Ching, Char...

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