Objects & Places from Hawaii

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Pacific Ocean - This is where the volcanic activity in Chapter 1 takes place.

Bora Bora - This location is formed by the volcanic activity discussed in the first chapter.

Havaiki-of-the-North - This location, to which the group sailed in Chapter 1, later becomes one of the Hawaiian islands.

Yale University - This school in New Haven, Connecticut, is where Abner Hale earns his degree.

Marlborough, Massachusetts - This is the location of the farm on which Abner Hale grows up.

Walpole, New Hampshire - This location is the home of Jerusha Bromley.

Tierra del Fuego - This place is located on the southern tip of South American.

Falkland Islands - This place, located off the coast of Patagonia in Argentina, is where ships docked on their way to Hawaii.

Honan Province - This area of China, overrun by Tartars in 817, is where the Char, Ching, and other villagers...

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