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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, From the Boundless Deep)


Chapter 1, From the Boundless Deep

Distance and depth are two essential elements concerning the island of Hawaii's formation and location, but the measurements involved are so vast that students may have trouble grasping them intuitively. The objective of this lesson is to provide an orientation to help students better comprehend and appreciate the setting of this epic novel.


1. The suggested classroom equipment for this activity includes a world map, a local map of your city/town, a globe of the Earth, and a calculator. Provide students with a handout containing the following information, explaining that measurements have been rounded off to simplify student calculations:

a. ~5,000 ft = 1 mile;

b. ~36,000 ft = deepest point in the Pacific Ocean

c. ~19,000 ft = depth of ocean where Hawaii was formed

d. ~1,200 ft = depth island of Hawaii was submerged after forming

e. ~500 ft = Washington Monument

f. ~5.5 ft = average height of a student...

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