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Island Deity

Create a new, less violent god for King Tamatoa's people to encounter when they first reach the island of Hawaii:

(a) Describe the rock that represents it;

(b) Assign a name to it;

(c) Describe its power or influence (often some natural phenomenon, like the sea or the volcano)

(d) Describe how it prefers to be honored.

Prayer-Song from Bora Bora

You will find samples of prayers and blessings to the gods in Chapter 2 of HAWAII. Using these as examples, write such a blessing or prayer to the island god you created.

• It does not need to rhyme.

• It should be 5-10 lines long.

Recreational Use of Water

The ocean waters that surround Hawaii have long been a source of food and recreation for inhabitants of the islands. Can you swim? Describe the sights, sounds and sensations of the biggest body of water you've ever encountered...

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