Hawaii Character Descriptions

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Whip Hoxworth - This character, known as a brawler and womanizer, leads a revolution that overthrows the queen. He makes many innovations in pineapple growing before his death in 1927.

Char Nyuk Tsin - This character, whose parent ruled the High Village in 1847, is kidnapped, sent to the Pacific and lives to the age of 106. This determined character builds the basis for a business empire, and insists on the formation of the hui, which holds the family's money, as well as advising the family to invest in land during the war and to invest in losing businesses for tax purposes.

Abner Hale - This character is schooled in New England and goes on to conduct missionary work in Lahaina, eventually dying alone there in 1868.

Mun Ki - This character travels from Macao to Hawaii and catches leprosy there.

Micah Hale - This character, born in Hawaii and educated...

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