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Chapter 1, From the Boundless Deep

• Millions of years ago, life began to form in the ocean depths.
• Undersea volcanic eruptions caused the formation, layer by layer, of islands.
• On the exposed island surface, volcanic rock decomposed under the influence of rain, wind and changes in temperature to form soil.
• Unique foliage developed on the isolated islands.
• As human civilization advanced elsewhere, on the mainland, these islands long remained undiscovered and uninhabited.

Chapter 2, From the Sun Swept Lagoon

• In Polynesia, on the island of Bora Bora, King Tamatoa engages in a power struggle with the high priest.
• The high priest uses human sacrifices to intimidate and control the king and his subjects.
• The king and his devoted brother, Teroro, lead an exodus of sixty men and women, sailing a month across the open sea to find a new land.
• At first, the king clings to the old ways of...

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