Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years Test | Final Test - Medium

Sarah Louise Delany
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who built a house before the sisters moved to the area?
(a) Hap.
(b) Lucius.
(c) Julia.
(d) Manross.

2. In what year did this event occur?
(a) 1957.
(b) 1952.
(c) 1955.
(d) 1961.

3. The Delany in the service helped to build which famous road?
(a) Brenner Pass.
(b) Munich.
(c) Seoul.
(d) Burma.

4. Who was the editor of the Amsterdam News?
(a) Washington.
(b) Jenkins.
(c) Cruise.
(d) Kelly.

5. Bessie gave which of the following a "comeuppance" over the ordeal?
(a) Judge.
(b) Commissioner.
(c) Mayor.
(d) Construction crew chief.

Short Answer Questions

1. The sisters talk about shortages in various goods including which of the following?

2. Nanny had often referred to Sadie as her _____.

3. How much money did Nanny receive in her pension check?

4. What saying is attributed to Sadie?

5. Where did the controversy take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is written about the assassinations of the famous leaders of the time, particularly those involved in the Civil Rights Movement?

2. Discuss the Delanys' involvement with the up and coming jazz scene in Harlem.

3. Sadie relays the story of one of her first experiences in New York regarding strangers. What was the experience? What did Sadie learn?

4. Discuss the main issue in "Outliving the Rebby Boys."

5. Sadie was tricky when it came to getting a job at a high school. What was Sadie's trick? Why was it necessary?

6. Examine the effect Nanny's death had on Sadie.

7. Discuss Bessie's early days at Columbia. Which family member was most helpful to Bessie during that time?

8. Sadie and Bessie's neighbors in the projects were upset about the actions of the neighborhood kids. How did the sisters react to the issue?

9. As one might expect, Bessie got the last word in the book. What was Bessie's final insight?

10. Examine the incident with the cottage, Bessie, and the judge.

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