Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Sarah Louise Delany
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bessie was about 15, the region was struck with a _____ epidemic.
(a) Tuberculosis.
(b) Chicken pox.
(c) Scarlet fever.
(d) Typhoid.

2. In what month was Sadie born?
(a) July.
(b) September.
(c) November.
(d) April.

3. Henry believed that the epidemic was caused by which of the following?
(a) Poor hygiene.
(b) Lack of sanitary conditions.
(c) Contaminated water.
(d) Spoiled food.

4. Bessie jokes that not being married meant that she would not be ____ to death.
(a) Worried.
(b) Nagged.
(c) Annoyed.
(d) Bored.

5. Bessie talks about her little sister Julia and her fear of which of the following:
(a) Snakes.
(b) Bugs.
(c) Heights.
(d) Spiders.

Short Answer Questions

1. The sisters think that many men may have been put off by their _____.

2. What was the profession for Mr. Delany?

3. What was the name of the town where Nanny's sister lived?

4. Sadie says that if Bessie gets her wish, she will have to live to be ____.

5. Sadie had to argue with which organization to receive money owed to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was different about the Delany family compared to other black families in the South?

2. Discuss Jim Crow Days. When did they occur? What was changed by the laws?

3. How old was Henry Delany when he was freed? How was Henry affected?

4. What about the Delany sisters surprises most people? What is the general opinion of the Delany sisters' neighbors?

5. Who was the Mock family? How were they important to the Delanys?

6. What is the reputation Bessie created for herself? What does Bessie think will happen to her when she dies?

7. Which segment of the population did not readily accept or celebrate the Delanys' successes?

8. Name at least one thing that bothered Bessie the most about the rebbys.

9. Discuss the wedding of Henry and Nanny Delany.

10. Sadie talks about the drawbacks of being old. Discuss at least two references Sadie makes to her advanced age.

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