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Kirby Larson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hattie see with Leafie?
(a) The newest in automobiles.
(b) A military tank.
(c) The new style of bicycles.
(d) A homeless goat.

2. What does Traft say about why he is not serving in the military?
(a) He has a weak heart.
(b) His mother got him an appointment with the Council of Defense.
(c) He is the sole surviving son.
(d) He has a fake eye.

3. Why does Elmer Junior chase Deputy Patton?
(a) For beating his father.
(b) For shooting Elmer's dog who attacks the Deputy.
(c) For arresting his father.
(d) For pushing his pregnant mother.

4. What are Hattie and Perilee working on together?
(a) A needlepoint tapestry.
(b) New clothes for the children.
(c) A present for Karl.
(d) The baby's quilt.

5. What does Traft say the person he is harassing must do to demonstrate loyalty to the United States?
(a) Crawl to the flag.
(b) Carry the flag up and down the street ten times a day.
(c) Salute Traft.
(d) Stand attention for one hour in front of the flag.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound breaks into Hattie's thoughts as she is walking home?

2. What did Hattie used to think men should do?

3. How does Hattie help the person being harassed?

4. What causes Hattie to become angry again at Traft?

5. What begins on September 12, 1918?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has Perilee asked of Karl concerning the harassment of them because Karl is German?

2. What happens to Elmer Ren while Hattie and Leafie are visiting?

3. How does Hattie acquire chickens and what does she have to do to keep them safe?

4. What does Hattie's next installment describe?

5. Who comes to help Hattie with the threshing and how does Chase contribute?

6. What does Charlie write to Hattie in a somber letter?

7. What happens after Hattie and the others who are threshing see big, black clouds rolling in?

8. How does Traft explain the fact that he has not yet been drafted into the military?

9. What new debt does Hattie learn of when she visits Nefzger's store?

10. What has Hattie been doing at night to fight the heat?

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