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Kirby Larson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What request of Perilee's does Karl refuse?
(a) To hire a worker.
(b) To meet with the Council of Defense members and try to show how good a man he is.
(c) To stop attending Lutheran services.
(d) Move back to Baltimore.

2. Who is Charlotte?
(a) The new baby.
(b) Rooster Jim's new wife.
(c) Leafie's apprentice.
(d) Traft Martin's new wife.

3. With what is Hattie threatened when she voices her concern about a pledge?
(a) Her homestead approval being turned down.
(b) Her bank account being seized.
(c) A trip in front of the judge to review her patriotism.
(d) Her name being published in the local newspaper.

4. What does Traft say the person he is harassing must do to demonstrate loyalty to the United States?
(a) Carry the flag up and down the street ten times a day.
(b) Crawl to the flag.
(c) Stand attention for one hour in front of the flag.
(d) Salute Traft.

5. Where does Leafie invite Hattie?
(a) To a parade down the mainstreet of Vida.
(b) To observe a litter of puppies being born.
(c) A birthing at Maud Fen's home.
(d) A parade at Wolf Point.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who drops his/her flag?

2. What does Mr. Hanson offer Hattie and Leafie?

3. Why is Elmer Ren arrested?

4. What has to be done for Charlotte?

5. Where is Elmer Ren?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rooster Jim end up on top of a hay bale?

2. What does Charlie write to Hattie in a somber letter?

3. What has Perilee asked of Karl concerning the harassment of them because Karl is German?

4. What happens when Hattie voices her concern about a pledge of one hundred dollars?

5. What new debt does Hattie learn of when she visits Nefzger's store?

6. What happens to Elmer Ren while Hattie and Leafie are visiting?

7. How does Elmer Junior intervene for his father and what is the result?

8. How does Hattie help Mr. Ebgard?

9. How does Hattie have to go into more debt because of the savings stamp drive?

10. What has Hattie been doing at night to fight the heat?

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