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Kirby Larson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hattie's problem at the water pump?
(a) The water only trickles out.
(b) Her hand sticks to the handle.
(c) She is not strong enough to pump the water up.
(d) The pump handle is rusted and won't pump.

2. What does Mrs. Martin say is not needed in the choir?
(a) Robes.
(b) Altos.
(c) Sopranos.
(d) A director.

3. For what newspaper does Hattie write articles about her life in Montana?
(a) Montana Monthly News.
(b) Vida Life.
(c) Arlington News.
(d) Montana Liberty.

4. How does Hattie write about her life in the letters she writes?
(a) Humorously.
(b) Dourly.
(c) With angst.
(d) With little emotion.

5. What is Rooster Jim's real name?
(a) Jim Chicken.
(b) Jim Fowler.
(c) James Rooster.
(d) Jim Half Crow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brings Plug home?

2. Who is Violet?

3. Who arrives the next morning at Hattie's house?

4. Who rides up with a cow?

5. What does Hattie do when she notices the situation with the Mueller children?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Charlie write to Hattie in a somber letter?

2. How does Hattie learn about birthing babies the hard way?

3. What does Traft have to say as he stops by and waters his horse?

4. What happens the next day after the dance to the Mueller's barn?

5. How does Elmer Junior intervene for his father and what is the result?

6. What does Hattie figure out as she goes over her ledger?

7. Who arrives to pick Mattie up in Wolf Point, and why do they spend the night there?

8. What do they have to do with the new baby since she is premature?

9. Why do Chase and Mattie not stop in for their customary biscuits at Hattie's one day, and what does Hattie do?

10. Describe the interaction between Traft and Hattie on April 2.

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