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Kirby Larson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Traft help Hattie into the house?
(a) She trips and sprains her arm.
(b) She trips and sprains her ankle.
(c) She faints from the heat.
(d) He is a gentleman.

2. What has to be done for Charlotte?
(a) Keep her warm.
(b) Let her handle the birth to learn how to do it.
(c) Welcome her.
(d) Teach her about being a settler's wife.

3. Why does Hattie send Karl and Chase to her house?
(a) To get more flaxseed.
(b) To keep them away from the flu germs.
(c) To feed her animals.
(d) To get more sagebrush.

4. What kind of tea does Leafie mix to fight the flu?
(a) Oolong tea.
(b) Flax tea.
(c) Green tea.
(d) Sagebrush tea.

5. Who brings news of the Spanish influenza to Hattie in October?
(a) Traft Martin.
(b) Karl Mueller.
(c) Leafie.
(d) Rooster Jim.

6. What does Hattie insist is hers to do when she is talking with Trask?
(a) Decide how to run the fencing.
(b) Decide what to plant.
(c) Making mistakes.
(d) Decide when to harvest.

7. What gives Hattie warning that someone is approaching?
(a) Her dog barks.
(b) Dust on the coulee.
(c) Plug neighs.
(d) The chickens start squawking.

8. What does Rooster Jim think Hattie needs?
(a) A husband.
(b) Chickens.
(c) A musical instrument.
(d) A pig.

9. What does Traft ask Hattie concerning Charlie?
(a) If she is just writing him to support the troops.
(b) If she is waiting for him.
(c) Nothing.
(d) If he is her brother.

10. How does Chase help in the threshing?
(a) Counting the shocks by making marks on a piece of wood.
(b) Carrying water out to the fields.
(c) Bundling the shocks.
(d) He does not help.

11. What day has been declared National War Savings Day?
(a) August 12.
(b) January 1.
(c) November 11.
(d) June 28th.

12. How does Mr. Ebgard get around the age requirements for a claim?
(a) He rules that head of household status overrides age requirements.
(b) He writes for a Congressional dispensation.
(c) He is unable to get around the age requirement problem.
(d) He treats the claim like an inheritance.

13. What is the situation like when Hattie goes over to the Mueller house?
(a) Chase is very ill.
(b) Mattie is being difficult.
(c) Perilee is working on the quilt feverishly.
(d) Perilee is very close to delivering.

14. Who is Charlotte?
(a) Leafie's apprentice.
(b) Traft Martin's new wife.
(c) Rooster Jim's new wife.
(d) The new baby.

15. Why does Hattie go through Chester's trunk again?
(a) To see if Chester ever had something like this happen to him.
(b) Hoping to find a picture.
(c) To feel connected to Chester.
(d) Hoping to find some money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Leafie say she'll talk to on Elmer's behalf?

2. What are Hattie and Perilee working on together?

3. What does Rooster Jim use as a trellis for his string beans?

4. What does Traft say the person he is harassing must do to demonstrate loyalty to the United States?

5. Who does not attend the Independence Day picnic?

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