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Kirby Larson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what are the papers full?
(a) Reports of the huge losses the Americans were suffering in the war.
(b) Reports of the wounded and killed.
(c) Reports of people accused of sedition.
(d) Reports of the great victories Americans were having.

2. What does Mr. Nefzger give Hattie?
(a) An IOU.
(b) A puppy.
(c) A pie.
(d) A credit slip.

3. What does Hattie think about in relation to Elmer's situation?
(a) How she would be willing to be drafted were she a man.
(b) How she has protested the war from the beginning.
(c) A sanctimonious letter Hattie once wrote.
(d) How she would not want her husband to register.

4. With what is Hattie threatened when she voices her concern about a pledge?
(a) Her homestead approval being turned down.
(b) Her name being published in the local newspaper.
(c) Her bank account being seized.
(d) A trip in front of the judge to review her patriotism.

5. Who is Charlotte?
(a) Leafie's apprentice.
(b) Rooster Jim's new wife.
(c) Traft Martin's new wife.
(d) The new baby.

6. What are Hattie and Perilee working on together?
(a) New clothes for the children.
(b) A present for Karl.
(c) The baby's quilt.
(d) A needlepoint tapestry.

7. What does Mr. Hanson offer Hattie and Leafie?
(a) A cold beer.
(b) Candy and sarsaparilla.
(c) A cold glass of tea.
(d) A spot near the front of the viewing stand.

8. Who does not attend the Independence Day picnic?
(a) The Martins.
(b) The Fens.
(c) Rooster Jim.
(d) The Tweeds.

9. What happens when Elmer steps in a prairie dog hole?
(a) He cries in frustration
(b) He breaks his arm.
(c) He breaks his ankle.
(d) He is bitten by a prairie dog.

10. Why does Rooster Jim land in a hay bale?
(a) He trips on a boulder.
(b) He cannot control his bike.
(c) The horse throws him into it.
(d) The cow pushes him into it.

11. What is everyone encouraged to buy on National War Savings Day?
(a) Home-grown produce.
(b) Bracelets with soldiers' names on them.
(c) War savings stamps.
(d) War posters.

12. What sound breaks into Hattie's thoughts as she is walking home?
(a) A coyote howl.
(b) Wolves howling.
(c) Riders.
(d) The screech of several jays.

13. Who does Hattie encounter after talking to Mr. Nefzger?
(a) Perilee.
(b) Karl.
(c) Mattie.
(d) Traft.

14. Who is the "doctor" in the area?
(a) Perilee.
(b) Rose.
(c) Hattie.
(d) Leafie.

15. What does Rooster Jim come to tell Hattie?
(a) That Karl has been shot.
(b) That Traft has filed a contest to Hattie's claim.
(c) That Traft has been drafted.
(d) That Mr. Ebgard wants to meet with Hattie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Perilee promise that she is unable to keep?

2. What happens that makes Hattie terrified?

3. Where was Charlie's friend standing when the man was killed?

4. Who drops his/her flag?

5. What news do Hattie and Leafie bring back to the Ren family?

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