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Kirby Larson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What begins on September 12, 1918?
(a) Harvesting a second wheat crop.
(b) Harvesting the milo.
(c) The end of WWI.
(d) Registration for the third draft.

2. Why has Hattie been taking her mattress outside at night at home?
(a) To replace the floor boards that are rotten.
(b) To try to get rid of the bedbugs.
(c) To escape the heat inside.
(d) To get rid of some mice in the mattress.

3. What does Hattie see with Leafie?
(a) A military tank.
(b) The newest in automobiles.
(c) The new style of bicycles.
(d) A homeless goat.

4. Why is Elmer Ren arrested?
(a) For setting fire to Karl's barn.
(b) For stealing a chicken.
(c) For stealing a cow.
(d) For failure to register for the draft.

5. What does Hattie do at the Mueller's while waiting for Leafie?
(a) Read the Bible to Perilee for distraction.
(b) Makes up a bed for the forthcoming infant.
(c) Builds a fire in the stove.
(d) Reads up on childbirthing from the home nursing manual.

6. What happens when Elmer steps in a prairie dog hole?
(a) He cries in frustration
(b) He breaks his arm.
(c) He breaks his ankle.
(d) He is bitten by a prairie dog.

7. What game is played on Independence Day?
(a) Cricket.
(b) Baseball.
(c) Football.
(d) Badminton.

8. Who visits Hattie the morning after she learns of the flu epidemic?
(a) Traft.
(b) Chase and Richley.
(c) Perilee.
(d) Reverend Tweed.

9. Where was Charlie's friend standing when the man was killed?
(a) Several hundred yards.
(b) Within a couple feet.
(c) Charlie does not say.
(d) About twenty yards away.

10. What does Traft say about why he is not serving in the military?
(a) He has a fake eye.
(b) His mother got him an appointment with the Council of Defense.
(c) He has a weak heart.
(d) He is the sole surviving son.

11. What does Perilee promise that she is unable to keep?
(a) That Karl will plant Hattie's forty acres required by the claims office.
(b) That Hattie can have Violet back as soon as Karl returns with a new cow.
(c) That Violet will be well cared for when Hattie goes to Seattle.
(d) That the quilt will be done before the baby is born.

12. What causes Hattie to become angry again at Traft?
(a) He makes mean remarks about the Muellers.
(b) He makes mean remarks about "Huns."
(c) He says Ebgard deserved what he got.
(d) He asks to buy her land again.

13. Why must Karl stay home?
(a) To plant an additional forty acres.
(b) To protect the livestock.
(c) Perilee is close to giving birth.
(d) Government agents are looking for him.

14. What are shocks?
(a) Bundles of flax.
(b) An unrolled hay bale.
(c) An oblong hay bale.
(d) Bundles of wheat.

15. What store does Hattie stop at in town?
(a) Shoe.
(b) Pharmacy.
(c) Bakery.
(d) Hardware.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Traft want to tell Hattie when she finds him waiting for her?

2. Who dies in Hattie's arms?

3. Who is running errands for Karl?

4. Who is Traft and others harassing?

5. Where does Leafie invite Hattie?

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