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Kirby Larson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what are the papers full?
(a) Reports of the huge losses the Americans were suffering in the war.
(b) Reports of the great victories Americans were having.
(c) Reports of people accused of sedition.
(d) Reports of the wounded and killed.

2. Who brought extra knitting needles for Hattie to use?
(a) The Reverend's wife.
(b) Mrs. Martin.
(c) Perilee.
(d) Grace Robbins.

3. Why do Chase and Mattie run past Hattie's house without stopping one day?
(a) They are being chased by other boys.
(b) They are in a hurry because Perilee is giving birth.
(c) They have to get ten rods of fencing in that day.
(d) They have good news for their parents.

4. Why does Elmer Junior chase Deputy Patton?
(a) For pushing his pregnant mother.
(b) For arresting his father.
(c) For shooting Elmer's dog who attacks the Deputy.
(d) For beating his father.

5. Who does Leafie say she'll talk to on Elmer's behalf?
(a) Sheriff Jones.
(b) Reverend Shatz.
(c) Reverend Tweed.
(d) Deputy Patton.

Short Answer Questions

1. What amuses Rooster Jim as he rides by as Hattie is plowing?

2. What do Perilee and the children do with Hattie on Sunday?

3. What month is coming up shortly?

4. How does Hattie's uncle Holt surprise Hattie?

5. Where does Traft offer to take Hattie?

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