Objects & Places from Hattie Big Sky

Kirby Larson
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Arlington, Iowa

The town where Aunt Ivy and Uncle Holt live.

Wolf Point, Montana

The town where Hattie arrives in Montana.

Vida, Montana

Closest town to the homestead Hattie inherits from her Uncle Chester.

Hanson's Cash Grocery and Bakery

Store in Wolf Point where Hattie stocks up on supplies for her new homestead.

Great Northern Railway

How Hattie gets to Montana.

Wishing Rocks

Something Charlie shows to Hattie who then shows to Chase and Mattie.

War Stamps

The purchase of these are voluntary, but the Council of Defense makes their purchase mandatory by way of intimidation.

Liberty Bonds

Homesteaders each pledge fifty dollars to buy one of these.


Name given to those who stake claims and attempt to homestead.

The Tipped M

Name of the Martin's homestead.


Name given to the warm wind that comes through in winter at times.

Great Falls

Where Hattie goes to...

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