Hattie Big Sky Character Descriptions

Kirby Larson
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Hattie Inez Brooks

This character is a sometimes shy, self-contained girl who has been shuffled from one family member to another since her mother passed away when she was just five years old.

Perilee Johnson Mueller

This character is Hattie's next door neighbor and fellow homesteader in Montana, and is thrilled to finally have another woman to talk to in the area.

Jim (Rooster) Fowler

This character is an eccentric old man with a dark black beard that hangs down to his waist.

Traft Martin

This character has recently become a part of the Dawson County Council of Defense, and is a handsome man with a smile that only increases how good he looks to Hattie.

Charlie Hawley

Hattie's best friend who is serving in the military most of the time during the story.

Uncle Holt

A distant cousin to Hattie who takes Hattie in when she is...

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