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Marilyn Harris
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hatter do to Dr. Summer during their first meeting?
(a) She yells and fights with him, ultimately attacking him.
(b) She refuses to let him treat her.
(c) She attacks him when his back is turned.
(d) She sits in silence, as though she is in a coma.

2. On what documents is the story based or built from?
(a) None of these.
(b) The clinic files on Hatter along with Dr. Summer's brief interactions with her.
(c) Hatter's diary.
(d) Dr. Summer's notebooks and notes on Hatter.

3. What does Mango show Dr. Summer in his cottage?
(a) A scar from a slash Hatter inflicted on her.
(b) The bruises one of the guards inflicted on her.
(c) The necklace her mother gave her.
(d) A scar from her childhood.

4. What do the letters ask of Dr. Summer?
(a) Dr. Summer is asked to do an evaluation of Hatter Fox for a case against her.
(b) Dr. Summer is asked to drop the charges against Hatter Fox.
(c) Dr. Summer is asked to be the State Reformatory's doctor.
(d) Dr. Summer is asked to help Hatter Fox.

5. Where is the State Reformatory for Girls located?
(a) Albuquerque.
(b) Phoenix.
(c) El Paso.
(d) Santa Fe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fuels Dr. Summer's renewed drive to reach Hatter?

2. What does Dr. Summer actually see outside in the facility courtyard?

3. Why does Dr. Summer go to the jail after being released from the hospital?

4. Who is the author of <i>Hatter Fox</i>?

5. What is the name of the psychiatrist who has asked for Dr. Summer's help?

Short Essay Questions

1. What story does Dr. Summer tell Rhinehart in the infirmary? Why is it important?

2. What does Dr. Summer help Hatter do once they are in Santa Fe?

3. What happens to break Hatter's calm demeanor and the pleasant mood during Christmas Eve dinner?

4. Where does Dr. Summer find Hatter the night he spends the day with Mango? Why? How does Dr. Summer react?

5. What does Dr. Summer do to try to improve Hatter's life in the Reformatory?

6. How does Dr. Summer learn about Hatter Fox? What does Dr. Summer think of her initially?

7. How does Dr. Levering feel about Dr. Summer's presence at the Reformatory? Why?

8. How do the administrators react to the attack on Hatter? How does Dr. Summer react?

9. What evidence does Dr. Summer have that Hatter has been sexually abused? Based on what you have read in the book, is it reasonable to think Claude is the culprit?

10. What are the conditions under which Dr. Summer comes back to the Reformatory? What does he bring back with him and why?

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