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Marilyn Harris
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Hatter punished for pushing someone off the cliff?
(a) She is banished from the shepherding village.
(b) She is tied up and put next to the crushed body.
(c) She is locked in a root cellar.
(d) She is locked in a room with the dead body.

2. How does Hatter react to Rhinehart's story about Claude?
(a) She lashes out at Rhinehart and Dr. Summer.
(b) She calms down and falls asleep.
(c) She becomes frantic and tries to escape the infirmary.
(d) She becomes frantic, and then passes out.

3. Why does Dr. Summer consider returning to the Reformatory early with Hatter?
(a) Because she has started crying.
(b) Because she is visibly angry.
(c) Because she is clearly uncomfortable riding in his Jeep.
(d) Because she states over and over that she does not want to be out.

4. Who is actually guilty of pushing someone off the cliff?
(a) The shepherd boy's brother.
(b) Another young girl in the village.
(c) The shepherd boy.
(d) The farmer's wife.

5. What ends Hatter, Rhinehart, and Dr. Summer's evening?
(a) Rhinehart's comment that Hatter looks "almost human."
(b) Rhinehart is called to the infirmary.
(c) Hatter lashes out at the other two.
(d) Dr. Summer urging Hatter to talk about her past.

6. How does Hatter react when Dr. Summer asks her to eat after releasing her from the hospital bed?
(a) She stares at him, but does not eat or speak.
(b) She tells him to leave her alone. She is sick.
(c) She quickly and quietly eats her entire lunch.
(d) She does not respond.

7. Why does Claude strap Hatter to the hospital bed the morning after Dr. Summer returns?
(a) She did not eat enough the day before to warrant bypassing being fed intravenously.
(b) He does not give a reason for this treatment.
(c) She attempted to escape during the night.
(d) She attacked him when he brought her breakfast.

8. When does Dr. Summer promise to return to the Reformatory when he leaves to check on his home?
(a) Later that same day.
(b) The next day.
(c) The following week.
(d) As soon as he can.

9. When does Dr. Summer really intend to return to the Reformatory after checking on his home?
(a) He does not really plan to leave. He is trying to surprise Hatter and Rhinehart.
(b) He plans to return a few days after promised.
(c) He plans to come back as he promised.
(d) He is not sure he will return.

10. Why does Hatter want to kill Mango in her sleep?
(a) Mango has been a prostitute in the past.
(b) Mango was the one hurting Hatter when she was in solitary.
(c) Mango has threatened Hatter.
(d) Mango and Hatter have fought in the past, outside of the Reformatory.

11. What does Dr. Summer find in Rhinehart's apartment when he returns to the Reformatory?
(a) The smells of a delicious holiday dinner.
(b) Hatter.
(c) A table set and candles lit.
(d) All of these.

12. What do Dr. Summer and Rhinehart have for dinner in her apartment?
(a) Pizza and beer.
(b) Cold chicken and beer.
(c) Meatloaf and warm milk.
(d) TV dinners and soda.

13. Why does Dr. Summer want to keep his return quiet?
(a) Because he is embarrassed about having left in the first place.
(b) So that the head of the Reformatory will not know he is back.
(c) So the other girls will not make trouble over his attention to Hatter.
(d) So that Hatter will not know he has returned.

14. Who is there to greet Dr. Summer when he returns?
(a) Mango.
(b) Hatter.
(c) Dr. Levering.
(d) Claude.

15. What does Rhinehart tell Hatter about Claude?
(a) He is the witch who has hurt her.
(b) All of these.
(c) He made the corpse poison and shot it under her door.
(d) The wound on her head is where his poison entered her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Hatter sent after being accused of pushing someone off the cliff?

2. What causes Hatter to break into screams while talking to Dr. Summer?

3. Who spends the day with Mango, trying to make her feel better?

4. Who asked Hatter to leave the area previously?

5. Who does Hatter say led her toward the mountains after her caretaker died?

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