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Marilyn Harris
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Reformatory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dr. Summer's first name?
(a) Tom.
(b) Teague.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Travis.

2. What does Hatter do to Dr. Summer during their first meeting?
(a) She refuses to let him treat her.
(b) She sits in silence, as though she is in a coma.
(c) She attacks him when his back is turned.
(d) She yells and fights with him, ultimately attacking him.

3. What causes Dr. Summer not to return to Santa Fe?
(a) Hatter gets into a fight.
(b) Hatter attempts escape again.
(c) An ice storm.
(d) His car breaks down.

4. From whose perspective is this story written?
(a) A narrator's point of view.
(b) Dr. Summer.
(c) Hatter's mother.
(d) Hatter Fox.

5. Where is Hatter when Dr. Summer sees her?
(a) In her cell, lying stiffly under her blanket.
(b) None of these.
(c) In the police chief's office.
(d) In the jail common room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dr. Summer called in to treat when he meets Hatter?

2. Where does Dr. Summer meet Hatter?

3. Where is the State Reformatory for Girls located?

4. Where does Dr. Summer decide to spend some time a few days after he speaks to Hatter?

5. How does Hatter react to Dr. Summer when he offers her something to drink?

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