Hatter Fox Character Descriptions

Marilyn Harris
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Claude - This character is an unintelligent guard in charge of the solitary confinement cells at the reformatory.

Clito - This character is an assistant guard at the reformatory and is responsible for force-feeding a reformatory resident.

Hatter Fox - This character is a slender Navajo whose life has been characterized by abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Dr. Thomas Levering - This character is the head psychiatrist at the State Reformatory who seems weighed down by dealing with all the reformatory's problems.

Mango - This character, an inmate of the State Reformatory, is imprisoned for attempting to kill her father.

Rhinehart - This character has a strong personality and is the nurse in charge of the reformatory's infirmary.

Dr. Teague Summer - This character is a 28-year-old doctor who works for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A reformatory resident stabs this character...

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