Hatter Fox Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marilyn Harris
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The First Encounter

• This is a story about a seventeen-year-old Navajo Indian girl living in New Mexico in the early 1970's.

• It is a story of isolation, alienation, and redemption.

• Both Hatter Fox and Dr. Teague Summer have their own battles to endure and journeys to take through the story.

• The story is written in the first person from Dr. Summer's point of view.

• The story is based on his notebooks and notes on Hatter.

• Dr. Summer comes to work at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Santa Fe, NM in 1973.

• He hears about Hatter's notorious reputation from several people.

• He bases his opinion of Hatter on the stories he hears.

• Dr. Summer meets Hatter when he is called to the jail to treat a boy who has slit his wrists.

• When Dr. Summer arrives at the jail, the injured boy is sitting against the back wall, and...

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