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Short Answer Questions

1. The bird reminds Brian of a flying what?

2. What happens when Brian tries to protect the food?

3. Where does Brian decide to store food?

4. What does Brian do with the items he takes from the plane?

5. Brian chided himself for being what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Brian referred to the birds as foolbirds.

2. Why was Brian reluctant to eat the eggs?

3. Explain the fascination of the creatures in the water.

4. What was the biggest danger of going back into the plane?

5. Examine Brian's sense of pride.

6. Why was Brian against leaving the fire?

7. How did Brian figure out the second noise outside was a snapping turtle?

8. How did Brian feel when the rescue plane landed?

9. Why is it important for Brian to mark off the days?

10. Explain why it was important for Brian to clean up the camp.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the first items Brian focused on in the survival pack was the emergency transmitter yet he put it aside without much examination. Why did Brian dismiss the transmitter without thoroughly testing it? How might the water have affected this life saving item? How is it possible that the pilot heard the transmitter but Brian could not?

Essay Topic 2

Brian kept track of his "First Days" as a way of marking time in an unconventional way. Two different times, Brian celebrated his rebirth into a new person. Explain why it was important for Brian to realize that he was evolving and the purpose of keeping track of those days.

Essay Topic 3

In the beginning of the story, Brian is upset with his mother over "The Secret." Do you think it was helpful or harmful for Brian to stay quiet about it? How might the story have changed if Brian had discussed the situation and the divorce with his mother?

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