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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when a pilot pushes the wheel in?

2. What was the animal that wandered into the shelter?

3. What was Brian's first attempt to control the plane?

4. After the engine was silent, what was the only noise Brian heard?

5. Who gives Brian the hatchet?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the approach of the plane change Brian's attitudes?

2. What is proven by Brian's refusal to give up?

3. Name at least two things for which Brian should be grateful.

4. What valuable piece of information does Brian remember about the bear?

5. How does Brian feel when he flies the plane for the first time?

6. What makes Brian hook the hatchet to his belt?

7. Explain why Brian chooses the water as the place to land the plane.

8. What was Brian's reaction to the emergency transmitter?

9. Explain why Brian referred to the birds as foolbirds.

10. Name the three things Brian needs most to survive in the woods.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The confrontation with the bear was scary and exciting. Why did Brian stop running? Examine the encounter from the bear's point of view. Discuss how a human might provoke a bear? Examine humans as threats to animals and their young.

Essay Topic 2

Brian kept track of his "First Days" as a way of marking time in an unconventional way. Two different times, Brian celebrated his rebirth into a new person. Explain why it was important for Brian to realize that he was evolving and the purpose of keeping track of those days.

Essay Topic 3

Brian tried the best he could to fly or land the plan even though he was terrified. Do you think that Brian was in shock or overcame the fear to take control? Discuss how Brian might have felt and what could be done about it.

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