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Short Answer Questions

1. Who always talked about being positive?

2. What were the people in Brian's dream trying to tell him?

3. What happens when a pilot pushes the wheel in?

4. What does Brian's father do for a living?

5. Why does Brian try to destroy his reflection?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name at least two things for which Brian should be grateful.

2. What valuable piece of information does Brian remember about the bear?

3. Name the three things Brian needs most to survive in the woods.

4. What is lost when Brian learns about the secret?

5. In what way does Brian consider himself to be lucky?

6. Examine why it was not possible for Brian to hear his father or Terry in the dreams.

7. What is one of the health risks Brian faces in the first couple of days after the crash?

8. Examine why Brian does not tell Terry about his mother?

9. What are Brian's feelings toward his mother at this time?

10. Explain how Brian takes stock of his options.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the beginning of the story, Brian's relationship with his mother was strained. After Brian returned home, the relationship seemed to smooth out. What made Brian realize that his mother had to have her own life? At what point does Brian stop being so angry with his mother? Do you think Brian will ever accept his mother's boyfriend?

Essay Topic 2

The pilot's heart attack left Brian in the plane with no skill or instruction. Do you think this was a standard procedure? Should there have been a co-pilot? What might you have done in this situation?

Essay Topic 3

Brian found a bush of "gut cherries" and devoured many of them. Since Brian knew nothing about gut cherries, was it a good idea to eat the berries? Examine what might have happened if the berries were highly poisonous. (Choke cherries, aka "gut cherries" are poisonous in large quantities, especially when they are overripe.)

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