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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what animal does Brian reach an unspoken agreement?
(a) Beaver
(b) Bear
(c) Moose
(d) Wolf

2. Brian compares a clearing in the woods to what?
(a) Golf course
(b) Emeralds
(c) His backyard
(d) Green carpet

3. How does Brian preserve the remaining food?
(a) He creates a container out of rocks.
(b) He buries it.
(c) He packs it in cold water.
(d) He hides it in the shelter.

4. Brian spends the afternoon and early evening doing what?
(a) Napping
(b) Swimming
(c) Carrying wood
(d) Searching for food

5. What valuable thing does Brian learn?
(a) Mistakes can be fatal.
(b) Fish scales are edible.
(c) There is a town nearby.
(d) Coyotes only come out at night.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these things does not hinder Brian from building a new fire?

2. Which one of these things is not seen in the water?

3. What does Brian build from logs?

4. What caused the trees to fall?

5. Which best explains Brian's condition after he gets out of the plane?

Short Essay Questions

1. Examine Brian's sense of pride.

2. How did Brian feel when the rescue plane landed?

3. How was Brian beginning to change?

4. Explain why it was important for Brian to clean up the camp.

5. What is proven by Brian's refusal to give up?

6. What was Brian's reaction to the emergency transmitter?

7. How did Brian figure out the second noise outside was a snapping turtle?

8. Examine the reason the fish spear did not work.

9. Explain the fascination of the creatures in the water.

10. What was the biggest danger of going back into the plane?

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