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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before going to bed, what did Brian do?
(a) Took a bath in the lake
(b) Added more branches to the shelter
(c) Put the hatchet within easy reach
(d) Built a fire

2. What was the first thing the plane hit before it landed?
(a) Water
(b) Birds
(c) Sand
(d) Pine trees

3. Why did Brian think he couldn't land in the water?
(a) The plane was out of control.
(b) He was too scared.
(c) It wasn't close enough.
(d) He didn't know how to land.

4. Brian reminisces about what?
(a) Going to the beach
(b) Thanksgiving dinner
(c) Ice cream
(d) His first bike

5. To what did Brian attribute his strange frame of mind?
(a) Almost drowning
(b) Head injury
(c) Shock
(d) Pain

Short Answer Questions

1. Who always talked about being positive?

2. What broke the plane's windshield?

3. After the engine was silent, what was the only noise Brian heard?

4. Which location was not an option for landing the plane?

5. What happened when Brian realized the plane was going to run out of fuel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name at least two things for which Brian should be grateful.

2. How was Brian beginning to change?

3. Examine why Brian does not tell Terry about his mother?

4. How does Brian's previous exposure to nature shows help him?

5. In what way does Brian consider himself to be lucky?

6. What are Brian's choices after the pilot dies?

7. What valuable piece of information does Brian remember about the bear?

8. Explain why the smell of the animal frightened Brian.

9. What is the purpose of building a shelter against the rock?

10. Explain why throwing the hatchet was foolish.

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